Monday, October 28, 2013

I feel the spirit so strong at times!

Hey mom!

Things are going really well this week! We have taught a lot of people and commited people to baptism and things are going well! Living conditions are good! Our water is only on like never so we have a big barrel for when it is on that we fill up when the water is actually on so that we can shower in the mornings! And the power only works half the time, too.  You would like it!! ;)  It's really not bad.  It's bigger than what most families have here so I am not complaining.   

Ya... I know I am getting fat but I have started working our every morning and eating really healthy so hopefully things will go good!! My companion is really cool! He is really good at teaching and talking to people in Spanish and listening to the spirit!

Hmm... if I have time I will send some more pictures.  Sounds like the family is all doing great! The Art from the Heart will be worth it when it is over.  I am glad to here that you guys are committed to FHE!! Make sure you guys read the Book of Mormon, too!  There is so much power in the BOM. It's awesome and I absolutely love it!
"We learn more from our failures than from our successes.  It’s ok to fail because it’s a chance to learn."  I like that quote! Spanish is hard and I feel like I am failing all the time and it is kinda rough but I learn so much more when I actually try and when I say something wrong then I know and if I never talk I wouldn't know!!
Hmm.. something that was kinda cool that happened this week is yesterday at church the mission leader wanted a blessing for his health and he wanted me to give it!! I was like, "I can't in Spanish..." but he said it was okay so I gave him a blessing in English and it was pretty cool.  I feel the spirit so strong at times here.  It is a great feeling.  Later that same day we went to a member's house and gave them a spiritual thought. One guy there was not a member and he was having health problems so we offered to give a blessing and he wanted me to give it! I told him I couldn't do it in Spanish but he was okay with it in English and it was really cool.  I know that he felt the spirit in my blessing. I don't know how much he understood but at least he felt the spirit.  My companion told me he understood the whoole thing so that was kinda cool!

Service project!! and a pretty good view of Esmeraldas

Everything here is great! I love the people,  the ocean is beautiful and it is a good temperature... I am sweating non stop!!

Love you mom!!

Elder Guild

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