Monday, September 29, 2014

Another Miracle

Hey mom
Sounds like things are going pretty well at home! It is kind of crazy to hear that my friends are coming home already.  I will be home before you know it though! The time is going by super fast!! I don’t think that I have gotten her emails.  Every time she writes me I always write her back.  how are you liking subbing and working? It sounds like it is not to bad.  I’m glad that you guys are having fun with the board games!! Something that I never enjoyed in my childhood!! :)
Well this week in the Zone we had a miracle!! We had the last meeting of the month this Thursday and we have not had any baptisms in the zone this month!! And that has never happened in a zone before!! Usually in means that the missionaries are not obedient or not diligent or they are just lacking in love for the people and we talked about it and decided that that was not it but before the zone leader that I replaced was really not doing a good job.  The missionaries did not even want to come to the meetings!! And all of the missionaries were just not very excited to work! And they have been working hard and have been obedient but we were super sad to see that we did not have even one baptism!! So we all got down right there and asked to have a miracle and we started a fast!! Well that day two missionaries had someone who wanted to be baptized Saturday!! so on Friday we had an interview with him and then on Saturday he had his baptism and my companion and I went to go see it and he did not come!!! So we waited 2 hours but he never showed up to the baptism!! So we left a little sad thinking what we were going to tell president when he asked us why we were not able to have a baptism... but then Sunday they called and he wanted to be baptized but the Bishop does not get a long with him so he did not want to have the baptism!! But Finally they baptized him and he was confirmed and we really did have a miracle!! There were times when we got a little down but it was awesome!! 
Love you mom!! I hope you are still reading the book of Mormon everyday!!

Elder Guild

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