Thursday, October 3, 2013

2nd week-Zone pictures

Sept 12, 2013
Hey Mom!

ya, I am doing a lot better this week. The Spanish is coming a long well.  I think about Ammon a lot and he has so much potential it's crazy!    Its good to know that Shalee is doing well in the high school life.  I am so  happy to hear Jacob is loving football! He is actually a way good throw and I know he doesn't want to be quarter back but he would do a pretty good job at it.  I know that! It's good to hear you are working out! I have not really done our workouts this week because we have not had enough time which makes me a little sad!

I sent you a letter last week so hopefully you will get that soon.  I don't know the address off the top of my head.  We really haven't seen much. We went to the temple last week and that is about all we have really seen.

We are really in our own little world here at the MTC.

I just saw Conner Robinson yesterday and I have seen DJ Simms a few times.  Ashley Hall just left and I got a picture with her before.  Also there is this kid I know from college that I just saw this morning at breakfast! The food here is awesome! I love the fruit and they always have salsa! The one day they had salsa that tasted the exact same as the kind we make except for it was a lot hotter!
This week has been really good! the spirit is so strong all the time and the Spanish is still coming. Sometimes I feel like I won't ever get it but everyday I get a little better.

I keep on forgetting to tell you stuff but there is this website called or something like that and i can get letters in like a day if you use it! Look it up! Send me one! Tell grandma and grandpa to use it! I would love to hear from them!

I will have more picture next week! It has been really fun! and when you send me a package remember to include some pictures! Like our family ones and and some others ones. Maybe of my car and some photos of Star Valley so i can show my companions.  I guess it takes 2 and a half weeks for letters to get here so ya... thanks i love you!

love ya mom!

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