Monday, October 27, 2014

My Awesome Companion

hey mom thanks for the email

I am doing good with my new companion.  He is super great.  He really has got his teaching down.  I have never been with someone who teaches so well.  Sometimes I feel like I should just not even talk during the lessons!  But I am learning a lot and am grateful for the chance to learn a little bit more how to be a better teacher.  He is super cool and from Mexico.  He actually lives by cancoon!! So that is pretty cool.  Ya the president has given me a few stinky companions and one of them became one of my best companions but someone has to be with them.  I was able to learn a lot from it so I think it is okay. :)  I’m just glad I was not with my other companion longer because I am afraid I would have lost my patience with him.  I feel a hundred times better now though.

So we had two baptisms this week and that was awesome! Baptisms are always so spiritual and we were able to have a good service.  We are now just working on the parents.  They need papers to get married but on one of the papers a name is spelled wrong so they are having troubles and also they are always working and do not have time or the money to go to Quito to get everything fixed up.  But they are doing well and I feel like they will be baptized here soon! love you mom

Elder Guild

Monday, October 20, 2014

New Companion

Hey mom,  
I am doing good.  I have a new companion named Elder Uc.  He is a good guy.  He is from Mexico and I feel like we are going to have a good change.  He seems like he is super great. 
Our sector is actually doing pretty good.  We are planning on having 2 baptisms this Saturday so that will be super awesome.  Their names are Kevin and Stalin.  I think I sent pictures my first week here of them at the church.  They are awesome and they are really excited to get the priesthood and pass the sacrament!  

It makes me laugh with what happened.  And it actually reminds me that this week we were walking and these people were killing one of their pigs so we stayed to watch and it was pretty interesting.  They all took it down and put it on its side then they got a knife and stabbed it in the chest.  I think they were going for the heart but they obviously did not get it because it did not die for a long time and we ended up leaving because it was taking so long. 
Love you all!

Elder Guild

This lady is 98 years old and still works every day!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Another great week!

Hey mom,

I am doing good this week.  we had a really good week and had 6 people come to church this week.  Investigators that is.  One family of 5! The kids are probably going to get baptized the 25 of this month.  so that is really awesome! We just have to help the parents get married and hopefully they will get baptized also!! Pray for them! They are the Familia tulcan dias!  We also had a family of less actives come to church and had 7 less actives in total come! The family is super awesome though!  The mom’s husband died 6 months ago and she is living with her 5 children.  But they are all so great!! I love going and visiting them! Love them! The people here are really great people but they have fiestas every single week!! That is a little bit tiring!  

My companion and I are doing fine.  I do not get along with him like I have with a lot of my other companions but he is a super good missionary and he really knows what he is doing.  I feel good here.  I am happy with the work that we were able to do and with the zone! They are all working really hard! 

This last month president gave us a challenge that we were to read the book of Mormon in 90 days and it is going really well! I love reading the book of Mormon! I really do not have time for everything that I want to do though.  I want to study other books but the book of Mormon is just so great and I never want o put it down.  I am going to finish well before the 90 days.  This morning I was reading in Helaman 4 and found a scripture that I really like.  In verse 25 it is talking about how the Nephites became puffed up in their pride and forgot the lord.  and how they became weak like the Lamanites.  Just a friendly reminder to Cleave unto the lord and remember him in all of your actions! He will help you with whatever you need! Especially with the Young women’s! :)  Love you mom!

Elder Guild

Monday, October 6, 2014