Monday, September 15, 2014

Hey mom!

I am doing really good! Thanks for the email! The language is good! I do not understand anything that they speak but just about everyone here speaks Spanish so it is not bad.  Just when we are in church I have no idea what is going on!! But I have a book to learn the language so I want to try and learn it.  All the people here are like native and they all have long hair! IT is kind of cool sometimes I wonder how close it is to how it was on the Navajo reservation.  I don’t know I could be here for a while.  Usually the Zone Leaders do not get changed around as much so we will see. The food here is pretty sad... They give us rice and potatoes!! And that is it!! So if I do spend the rest of my mission here I am going to miss food a ton!!!  

This week my companion and dress up like the native people and went to church! IT was pretty fun! The members really liked it and I think we might do it every week to gain the confidence of all the members.  My companion is pretty awesome! He was in Peru for most of his mission but he had problems with his visa so he had to come here.  But he really knows how to work! So I am learning a lot from him! He is super cool.  Nothing too special happened this week.  We have three little investigators progressing and they are super awesome and now we are just working with the parents!! SO pray for them! :) 

Love you mom!}

Elder Guild

La Zona Imbabura este!!

I was super sad to leave this family :

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