Monday, September 29, 2014

Another Miracle

Hey mom
Sounds like things are going pretty well at home! It is kind of crazy to hear that my friends are coming home already.  I will be home before you know it though! The time is going by super fast!! I don’t think that I have gotten her emails.  Every time she writes me I always write her back.  how are you liking subbing and working? It sounds like it is not to bad.  I’m glad that you guys are having fun with the board games!! Something that I never enjoyed in my childhood!! :)
Well this week in the Zone we had a miracle!! We had the last meeting of the month this Thursday and we have not had any baptisms in the zone this month!! And that has never happened in a zone before!! Usually in means that the missionaries are not obedient or not diligent or they are just lacking in love for the people and we talked about it and decided that that was not it but before the zone leader that I replaced was really not doing a good job.  The missionaries did not even want to come to the meetings!! And all of the missionaries were just not very excited to work! And they have been working hard and have been obedient but we were super sad to see that we did not have even one baptism!! So we all got down right there and asked to have a miracle and we started a fast!! Well that day two missionaries had someone who wanted to be baptized Saturday!! so on Friday we had an interview with him and then on Saturday he had his baptism and my companion and I went to go see it and he did not come!!! So we waited 2 hours but he never showed up to the baptism!! So we left a little sad thinking what we were going to tell president when he asked us why we were not able to have a baptism... but then Sunday they called and he wanted to be baptized but the Bishop does not get a long with him so he did not want to have the baptism!! But Finally they baptized him and he was confirmed and we really did have a miracle!! There were times when we got a little down but it was awesome!! 
Love you mom!! I hope you are still reading the book of Mormon everyday!!

Elder Guild

Monday, September 22, 2014

More Pictures!!!!!

Bad Week :(

Hey mom!
How are you? sounds like things are going well.  I love hearing from you! :)  I am doing good.  We had a horrible week!! We had to go to Quito this week because my companion’s teeth were hurting him so we went Tuesday and they took some x-rays and he had to get his wisdom teeth pulled! so we had to stay the night and they took out his teeth the next day. Then he was super super drugged so we just came back and we did not work for the next three days! In all the meetings I had to conduct them because he couldn’t talk! But we were able to get out a little on Saturday and do some work.  So we got a little done.  It was the first time in my mission that I have not gone out to work! It was not a good feeling.  Then on Sunday some things happened and I made him mad and he would not talk to me all day! But he came to apologize and we are all good now.  But it has been a rough week.  When I got to this zone they were super down and had nothing but we are working really hard to animate them and to have success soon! maybe in this change we wont see success but the next changed I am sure we are going to have a lot! 
Today we went to this lake as a Zone and it was really cool! Super high in the mountains and it was really pretty.  Haha only that when we got there it was raining super hard and everyone got super soaked and it was pretty cold so that was the only down side to it.  But over all it was a good experience.  We did dress like the natives again and I would think about buying my own but the poncho things are like 300 dollars!! Super expensive so I think I will pass.  The gowns that the women wear are actually kind of cool.  
Wow thinking about home and my life after stress me out.  I would like you to look into Utah state for me and see how that is! I would like to go there but Whatever is the best option.  I was in the offices the other day when we went to Quito and I was looking at the papers and on the papers it has it says that I am going to go home on the 13 of October... But we will see what happens I am not sure because that would me almost 26 months.  But thank you for looking into that and let me know what you find out. Love you Mom! You’re the best
Elder Guild

Well this week I have been studying the book of Mormon a lot and I came across a scripture that I love! IT is in alma Chapter 5 verses 6-9.  Wow my souls fills with joy as I read those verses.  I love how he talks first about the things that the Lord has already done for them and their parents. It is very important that we also remember the blessings that the lord has done for us! Think about your like and the life of your ancestors and the great and marvelous things that the Lord has done for them and you! Isn’t it great? Think about your own conversion and how you know that the church is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet.  How do you know? How did the Lord help you know? What blessings have came through that knowledge?  Many people are sleeping and perhaps we are sleeping and we do not recognize the things that the Lord has done for us.  But If we can wake up we can be filled with this redeeming love that makes our souls sing! Now think about all the blessings that you have had that the Lord God has bestowed upon you and the salvation that will come if you endure to the end.  Is it not great? IS the joy not great? Now who in your life also would benefit from these blessings? I hope that you guys are always looking for the chance to help other people out on this journey that we are all on here in the earth.  The blessings that will come are far greater than you can ever imagine.  Think about it and then pray! Then go out and act on your prayer! :) Love you guys! 
Elder Guild

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hey mom!

I am doing really good! Thanks for the email! The language is good! I do not understand anything that they speak but just about everyone here speaks Spanish so it is not bad.  Just when we are in church I have no idea what is going on!! But I have a book to learn the language so I want to try and learn it.  All the people here are like native and they all have long hair! IT is kind of cool sometimes I wonder how close it is to how it was on the Navajo reservation.  I don’t know I could be here for a while.  Usually the Zone Leaders do not get changed around as much so we will see. The food here is pretty sad... They give us rice and potatoes!! And that is it!! So if I do spend the rest of my mission here I am going to miss food a ton!!!  

This week my companion and dress up like the native people and went to church! IT was pretty fun! The members really liked it and I think we might do it every week to gain the confidence of all the members.  My companion is pretty awesome! He was in Peru for most of his mission but he had problems with his visa so he had to come here.  But he really knows how to work! So I am learning a lot from him! He is super cool.  Nothing too special happened this week.  We have three little investigators progressing and they are super awesome and now we are just working with the parents!! SO pray for them! :) 

Love you mom!}

Elder Guild

La Zona Imbabura este!!

I was super sad to leave this family :

Monday, September 8, 2014


Hey mom
Well I had changes and now I am with Elder Chub! He is from Guatemala and he is super super cool!  He has 20 months in the mission so he is pretty old as far as elders go but I am excited to be working with him! He seems like a great elder!  I am here in Otavalo!!!! Well close I am in Imbabura and it is really pretty here! it is cool because there are two volcanoes on each side of the city so that is sweet! Also the house that I live in is the biggest house in the mission!!! It is owned by a doctor who is a member and wow! Super awesome! We even have couches!!! But things are all good here I am excited to get to work in this new sector! 
Love you guys,
Elder Guild

Monday, September 1, 2014

Slow...New Pics

Nothing has really happened here... WE are having kind of a hard time getting people to progress but we keep on working hard! We will get them there! Hmm I don’t have a lot to say this week... Love ya
Elder Guild

me di cuenta que todavia no te envie fotos de mi compaƱero!!

All the elders make fun of me because I guess this little case I made for my book of Mormon looks like a little girl made it but I DONT CARE! :)