Thursday, October 3, 2013

1st week! Huh?

Sept 5, 2013

holy! Dad didn't go hunting! I am so very disappointed in him! I would love to be hunting right now except for I love it here so very much! It is kinda crazy the first day felt like it was about five weeks long and I was like crap it is going to be a long stay here in the MTC but it is starting to go a lot faster.  We have one teacher and he is from Preston, Idaho and he just got off his mission less than a year ago! He is was awesome though! Hermano Wolfe is his name! The first day I just sat in my seat and stared at him because I had no idea what he was saying! But it has only been a week and I can understand a few words he says and at least kinda get an idea of what he wants me to do! On the third day here we  had to teach an investigator!Iit was totally nuts!

My companion is named elder Bolton and he is from Ceder City, just graduated high school and he took three years of German! So he knows even less than me!
(our new haircuts last week! I didn't know enough Spanish to actually tell them how I wanted it but it didn't turn out too bad huh? what do you think?)

But believe it or not I did pretty good talking to our investigator and the spirit was there and I felt like I had just conquered the world after!  Then the next day we had to teach her again and it all was horrible and the spirit was not there and I felt like crap! It is so frustrating sometimes trying to teach someone and just sitting there because you can't think of the words in Spanish and can't really understand what they are saying!  But I am learning and I can say a prayer, bear my testimony great sometimes and that is about it.  I can understand most stuff if they talk slow but only key words. I'm glad I have five more weeks!  It's a little frustrating having a companion so young.  He doesn't really seem sure of himself. I think part of it is because most people already know at least a little Spanish and he knows none! But he works hard and he is easy to get a long with so it will turn out okay.  haha so I make him do the workouts with me that Blake gave us and he can't even do like five pull ups but he will get there! He probably hates me! The food here is awesome! The fruit is way good! I swear they put sugar on it! Sounds like Zack and Hyrum are doing pretty good!   If you could maybe send me some envelopes and some stamps that would be awesome! hmm.. oh and I need a charger for my camera! Just one that plugs into the wall and has a usb thing on it.  I have a cord that will fit on it. an iphone one will work.  We went to the temple today and it was awesome! It is soo pretty! maybe in a week when I remember to bring my cord I will send you some pictures! anyways, thanks! I love you all! Pass this email to whoever! and edit it if you want. 

The other day we taught our fourth lesson to our investigator and it was sooo horrible.  The spirit was not there and I felt like I couldn't speak the whole time and my companion is a little young and a little not too confident so it was tough.  I felt like it is my responsibility to make the lesson good and kinda lead everything and I just feel like I failed and it was tough.  I felt so bad all day and I couldn't shake it.  I needed one of dads pep talks! I sure do miss you guys but being here is awesome! I know I am doing the right thing and am in the right place.  I will send you a letter so you know my mtc address. I really can't wait to get out of here so I can actually start loving the people of Ecuador and teach some actually real lessons.  idk if i am too hard on myself but that lesson really did me over.  I know I am just learning but i feel like I not only failed myself but my companion, my heavenly father, you guys and myself.  I feel like I don't know the gospel as well as I should and there is just soo much that I have to learn and it seems like there is never enough time to study enough.  I hope you guys are making goals and reading the scriptures and loving people working to become like Christ! I think that is one thing our family needs to work on is loving other people and really being more in tuned with the spirit! Next week it would be awesome if everyone were to like send me some goals that they were working towards! You can get so much more done if you are have a purpose and a vision!

love you guys, miss ya
Elder Guild

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