Thursday, October 3, 2013

So I am in Mexico City! I made it safe!

August 27, 2013

So I am in mexico city! I made it safe! The plane ride went well.  for some reason everyone keeps on asking me either in spanish or in english if i speak spanish! i dont know why! i always just say no but its fine.  on the plane ride i sat next to this guy who works for porche and he was in park city test driving their new models that have not come out yet! Doesn't that sound awesome?!? hmmm... mexico city is crazy huge! i dont think i have ever seen so many red roofs in my life! they just never stop! i heard we get pizza soon so i am looking forward to that.  all the guys on the plane were cool and the few sisters that were there too.  the traffic in mexico city is crazy! and i cant read any of the signs... ñññññ the keyboards have that N! hopefully i will actually know when to use it here shortly.    also i cannot email anyone individually until you email me first and i have your email! so get to it! well we just got here and i dont know what else to say even though i still have 50 minutes i can write.  we landed at about 5:00 but we didnt get to the mtc until about 7:45. it kinda took forever but i just cant wait to get settled in and go to bed.  my name tag is cool. anyways i hope you all made it home in one piece.

love ya

Elder Guild

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