Monday, April 28, 2014

Some things should not be a question!!!

Hey Mom!!
How are you doing? I hope you are doing great!! I am doing great as well! Thank you for telling me about the slackers at home! It actually reminds me of a few of the talks that we had at our Stake Conference a couple weeks ago.  So we were at the Saturday session and the first consejero of the stake presidency gets up and has an awesome talk! He is super cool and we have lunch with them every Sunday.  Well he talked about how the missionaries should be exactly obedient and how if they return for a girl it is a sin!! Haha he later asked me later what I learned from the conference and I told him that I cannot return for a girl! He thought it was pretty funny.  Anyways he later talked about some of the responsibilities that the families have.  And how some things should not even be a choice or a question! How when we GO TO CHURCH it should not even be a question! When we read the scriptures as a family it should not be a question and have family home evening and family prayer! They should just not even be a question and the kids should just know that it is something that we just do! Well then after him, someone from the quorum of the 70 got up and said if a kid wants to read by himself and not with the family it is okay... To say the least he was super mad after the meeting! All in all we need to remember that some things are just not a question! We need to obey all the commandments without question and want to obey them! If not we cannot progress in this life! And well that is one of the very reasons we are here to progress and become more like our Heavenly Father in heaven! This scripture might be a little harsh but they need it! :) D&C 58: 29 and 2 corinthians 9: 6  
Go To CHURCH! Moroni 6:4 (I believe that is the right scripture)
Haha well we are doing good we have had some better luck and had 5 investigators attend church but we have so much potential! The only problem is that we have changes next Monday so I might be getting a new sector!! I hope not! We have a goal of 25 baptisms this month! Might sounds crazy but we have that many people with potential and if we made our goal any lower we would be showing our lack of faith! Pray for us! We need it! 

Tell everyone I love them! Sounds like everything is going great! I want you to know that I am very grateful for the awesome example you have set for me! Love you!

Monday, April 21, 2014


Hey mom!

Thanks for the awesome email! Sounds like everything is going great! I will have to tell you that I did not have time to color eggs but I did give them to a family of investigators who have the two cutest little girls ever.  I hope they have fun with it! I wont lie I forgot it was even Easter! They have a celebration here and they eat this soup called fanesca! It is pretty good! They pretty much get all the grains they can find and make a soup out of it. 

This week was a pretty special one! We were able to have a lot of spiritual experiences! First of all we had a family home evening with some family investigators and we were hoping to have about four families there only two showed up but it was still good! The bishop talked about his conversion story and also his wife shared hers. They talked about the commandments and then they talked about having eternal families! For me it is hard to really think of the happiness that we can have after this life in the celestial kingdom with god and our families! So I had everyone close their eyes and I told them to think of their lives and all of the experiences that they have had.  The good and the bad.  Then I told them to think of when they felt the happiest! I let them think about it for a while and then had them open their eyes.  I proceeded by asking them who was with them in their happiest moments and of course it was their families! I then told them that what they felt right now and when they were thinking of the most happiest moments that they have had if they could multiply that by 100,000,000then they might be able to know the joy that they will have after this life if they can just obey the commandments and fulfill everything that heavenly father has for them! It was pretty sweet! We were also able to find two find two new families this week! That was awesome and the one family is from Florida! The mother does not even speak Spanish very well! They moved down here to take care of the grandparents! They are really interested and I am a little nervous to try and teach them in English! Our first visit was super hard! I kept on getting my words mixed up!!

Tell everyone that I love them! I am doing great! I love it here! We went to the middle of the world today so that was pretty cool I didn’t have time to take a lot of pictures but I did take some! Love you

Elder Guild

Monday, April 14, 2014

Bed Bugs!

Hey mom!
Thanks for the awesome email! :) Sounds like everything is going pretty good ! The same old same old huh? I am glad that Tori could find a job! Sounds Ammon is doing pretty good with soccer though! Shalee sounds like she is doing awesome like normal so that is nothing new! Haha that would be cool if Dad could go to Mexico and go fishing! If he wanted to see some pretty awesome mountains he could come to Ecuador! :) I am glad to hear that you are doing good also! You need to learn how to do the internent stuff well so you can teach me when i get home! :) 
My companion and I are getting a long great! He is a great guy! He is super shy so I am trying to help him with that a little.  Things are great! We are just waiting for people to get married so that they can get baptized! We had a baptism scheduled for this last saturday but she was in the coast and could not make it back in time for her wedding and well to say the least she is still in the coast! We have been working hard but have not had a ton of success! We will keep working though! 
Hmm I don't think I really need anything.  I actually would not mind to have our search for happiness! I have it is spanish but i would like to read it in english also... also there is this book that I have written by James E. Talmage and is all about the life of jesus but it is also in spanish and I would like it in english. :) hmm i cant think of anything that i actually need but I will think about it more this week! I took my shoes to a store and they were able to fix them up nice and well so I wont be needing any glue! And I actually have been suffering from bed bugs! I feel like that was an inspired question! haha because every morning I have bites on my feet and everywhere that my clothes don't cover! Im not sure what I can do... have any suggestions? Really if you send my a package anything would be nice! Loved the package for easter with the notes! I actually wouldn't mind a hole punch! haha But I really don't need one! 
Love you Mom! Thank you for all that you do! Keep on being awesome and tell everyone that I love them! :)
Elder Guild

My new companion:

Also, this is an awesome family. Shalee knows the story.

(They want to be married, but the mother wants to wait for her mother to be present at the wedding. Her mother, however, is in spain and won't be in Ecuador for another year! They are going to keep working with them and see if they can't get them married sooner)

Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference

How are you doing this week? I hope super well! Elder Cabezas and I have had a pretty good week and well we are determined to have a better week this week! We have some people who are looking like they will be baptized soon so I will definitely keep you updated on that! What did you think of conference? I thought it was so great and well I learned a whole bunch! One of the talks that I really loved was by Elder Packer! How powerful is his testimony? Well I have decided that I want to have a testimony just as strong as his! So I have decided to really pray and fast so that I can really come to know for myself with all my heart that the church is true! I just want to teach with so much power that the people will be able to feel that everything that I say is true! Also I got out of it that I really want to love the people so much more! I really do love the people here but I want to love them more! Anyways I want to know what you learned! And what you are going to do to apply what you learned in your life to become more like Christ! I would like it if everyone could write me a short email of what they learned and how they are going to apply it in there life! General Conference is so awesome and we can learn so much but we can only benefit from it if we apply the teaching that we learn! Love you mom! Tell everyone that I love them!

Elder Guild

There are two volcanos that you can see from my house and this is one of them! It is always cloudy and you cannot see them though:( it has only been clear enough to see them two times since i have been here!