Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nov 4 & Nov 11

Hey Dad!
Sounds like things are going pretty good.  I'm really glad you could help out that family.  That is way cool. 
The view from my zone.  We go running on the beach some morinngs.  It is hot here! I love it.  I am right by a place called Las Palmas.  You guys could look it up! The ward and the place I actually live is called Regocijo which means like rejoice! Kinda awesome! See if you can find it on google earth or something! Probably have better luck if you look up Las Palmas

I have realized how hard it is to get people to actually be baptized.  We have committed multiple people to baptism and then they seem to disappear.  It is kinda frustrating at times.  Thanks for your tip with the patience.  I need to really try to have more patience.  I feel like I am a child sometimes and it really bothers me.  Oh well. 

Day of the dead! The drink was super good! and they always have bread here that I love! Its like always homemade!
This week has been pretty good.  It seems like it was yesterday that I was writing you guys.  Time is going by pretty fast.  Yesterday in church I was enjoying the testimonies when I feel a tap on the shoulder and the ward mission leader motions for me to go up! My spanish is not very good at all yet and I was a little hesitant but I decided why not and I went up and bore a testimony.  It was short and sweet but that is how they should probably be.  Hmm...  not much else happened this week. We did not have as much success this week.  Elder Bautista's leg has a pretty bad infection so we have not been able to get around as quickly so that is what we blamed it on. 
Hmm.. IDK what I want for Christmas!! You guys could send me Insanity! That would be perfect.  I got my package this last Thursday and I loved it and the candy and pictures and everything.  My companion loves my flip flop and he says they are bonito so you could send some of those for him.  Just send anything you think I would like.  I don't really need anything.

Love you dad!

Elder Guild
Read 1 Nephi 15 - the end of the chapter.  I love it!

Hey Mom!

I talked to my companion and he said that we don't have changes until December 29 so he will most likely be my companion unless something crazy happens!

By the way, thank you for the package again, it is so awesome! Absolutely love it! The drink things were genius!  and I loved the pictures! Send me more of stuff like maybe my car and just my life so i can show my companions! If you or anyone else would like to send me a letter that would be awesome. I love the letters! Keep me updated on how everyone is doing! Tell everyone I love them and tell Jacob to write me! Tell Cael that I like his picture and he is getting very good! Tell the Delgados I miss them and to choose the right! I love you mom and I try not to think about you guys very much but I think I probably do too much but I just want you guys to be happy and feel the joy that the gospel brings to peoples lives and I want you guys to feel joy and happiness and peace! If you don't, why not? What can you guys do better? Remember I love you guys but more importantly God loves you guys.  Don't ever forget that and keep a good relationship with him! Realize all of the blessings that you have received.  Compared to the people here we live like kings and queens! Read the BOM! It's so awesome! It is one of my favorite parts of the day! We have people to go teach so  I will write next week!

I am trying to remember a scripture... I can't but one that I really like is DC 98:1-3.  Just remember to always pray! and this week we have been trying really hard to work with the members so do missionary work also!! Just share the gospel and help out the cause!

Elder Guild

DC 18: 10, 15-16

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