Monday, March 24, 2014

House at the end of the Earth...

Well we had changes today! Elder Vera went to Ibarra! And I am still here! I have not met my companion yet due to miscommunication, but I should be able to meet him here soon! Hahaha so I have a funny story for you! 
The other day we were contacting because we just had absolutely nothing else to do! And well Elder Vera does not like contacting--in fact he tells me that he will not contact... so I was contacting and I had knocked on doors and been rejected for about an hour! And It was about time to go to lunch! So I told Elder Vera that he had to contact one person and contribute a little before we go to lunch! Well we were standing on the end of this hill and we could see a house clear in the distance! Super far away on this other mountain! So after about ten minutes of waiting for Elder Vera to make a decision, he finally said he would contact that house! And only that house! Haha well I was feeling a little stubborn so I said: Okay, lets go! And we went! After about an hour of walking we finally made it to this house and were greeted by 5 huge dogs! At first I thought they were going to eat me! But they ended up being nice! Well there ended up being a man there who lives all by himself! And we talked to him ended up giving him a lesson and now we have a new investigator that lives at the end of the earth! I couldn't believe it! Pretty awesome walk to his house though! hmm nothing really new has happened! I will let you know how my companion is next week when I know him! I hope everything is going well! How is everyone? I hope great!
Love you,
Elder Guild
we started out on that hill and it took an hour to walk were i took the picture

i was teasing elder vera and tried to get him to be my model here but he wouldnt do it!

 This is on the walk to one of our investigators house! Pretty cool huh!

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