Monday, November 24, 2014

Cool Experience!

Hey mom 
My companion were running around all day today doing things for the zone so I do not have that much time to write... I am doing good! Everything is good here in Iluman.  We had some pretty spiritual experiences this week.  

First we have had an investigator coming to church for about two months now and we finally got to teach him this week and we had a lesson with him in the church.  It was super awesome!! When we shared the first vision the spirit was super strong and he told us that he has never felt anything like it!! He could not explain how he felt!! IT was awesome and now he has a baptismal date for the 24!! 

Then we had some new investigators and during our first lesson I had the feeling to tell them that people might tell them stuff that are not true about the church but they just need to read the book of Mormon and pray about it and trust in God.  Well the next time we went there he came and met us at the door and told us he did not want anything to do with us and would not explain to us why... he told us that he would not read the book and would not pray.  So that was kind of hard but I really feel like the Lord is guiding us in our work. 

 Then we were teaching a less active member and she told us that she had a dream the night before we contacted her where her husband who died told her she was on the wrong road and that she needed to get on the right one.. Then me and my companion contacted her in the street!! So that was pretty cool!! Really I know that I am here in the lords work!! 

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