Monday, March 31, 2014

New Companion!

Hey Mom!
How are you doing? I hope you are doing great! Haha you do not know how funny your little comment about your jig in the kitchen is for me! I laughed pretty good when I read that! Thanks!  How is it having Tori back in the house? You should put her to work and take away a little of your stress! ;) I hope you guys have a great spring break and enjoy yourselves! Sounds like Ammon is doing pretty good with soccer! I bet it is hard when they loose because it would be easy to feel like it is his fault.  
Well I have a new companion! His Name is Elder Cabezas! Haha it is kinda funny because that means Elder Heads in english! He is super cool! He is nice and fresh! Only has three months in the mission! And well his trainer went home because he was a little disobedient! So I have the chance to kinda show him how to be obedient and everything! I am really looking forward to this change working with him. He is super super humble and just a great guy! A little new and not super friendly with the people but he will for sure learn! :) Haha especially now because I don't always understand everything so he has to speak a little more than I think he is use to. 
The work is going great! We have a lot of people to teach the only problem is that everyone needs to be married! If we could just have everyone married we would have 8 baptisms! But for now we are waiting for them to be ready and papers and everything but I think that we will for sure get them all in the water here sooner or later. 
Well I got a surprise package today! That was awesome! I just cant wait to open it up and see what is inside! Thank you a ton! Made my day! :) One thing that I think I might want to do for my companion is buy him some new shoes! He only has one pair and they are like slippers! I wont be surprised if they don't last him longer than a good two changes...
Well I will make sure to keep Jake in my prayers! I feel bad for them but what do you do?
Hmmm I have been studying about faith a little bit this week and have realized just how important our decisions are! Each and every decision that we make will benefit us for good or for bad! And often times decisions that could help us are great but often times we could choose do something even better! And from everyone of our decisions we will grow in one way or the other! So my commitment for you and the family this week is try to always make the best decision to every decision that you have to make! By doing this your faith will grow and you will be able to have a firm foundation that is built on Christ! :) Tell EVERYBODY that I love them and that I am doing great!
Love you mom! Un Brazo muy fuerte!
Elder Guild
This is the view from our apartment! Its pretty awesome!

Monday, March 24, 2014

House at the end of the Earth...

Well we had changes today! Elder Vera went to Ibarra! And I am still here! I have not met my companion yet due to miscommunication, but I should be able to meet him here soon! Hahaha so I have a funny story for you! 
The other day we were contacting because we just had absolutely nothing else to do! And well Elder Vera does not like contacting--in fact he tells me that he will not contact... so I was contacting and I had knocked on doors and been rejected for about an hour! And It was about time to go to lunch! So I told Elder Vera that he had to contact one person and contribute a little before we go to lunch! Well we were standing on the end of this hill and we could see a house clear in the distance! Super far away on this other mountain! So after about ten minutes of waiting for Elder Vera to make a decision, he finally said he would contact that house! And only that house! Haha well I was feeling a little stubborn so I said: Okay, lets go! And we went! After about an hour of walking we finally made it to this house and were greeted by 5 huge dogs! At first I thought they were going to eat me! But they ended up being nice! Well there ended up being a man there who lives all by himself! And we talked to him ended up giving him a lesson and now we have a new investigator that lives at the end of the earth! I couldn't believe it! Pretty awesome walk to his house though! hmm nothing really new has happened! I will let you know how my companion is next week when I know him! I hope everything is going well! How is everyone? I hope great!
Love you,
Elder Guild
we started out on that hill and it took an hour to walk were i took the picture

i was teasing elder vera and tried to get him to be my model here but he wouldnt do it!

 This is on the walk to one of our investigators house! Pretty cool huh!

Monday, March 10, 2014

2 baptisms! The spirit is so strong!

Hey mom! 

Sounds like life is going pretty well! I am doing well.  The spanish is always a struggle but I am getting it little by little! It has really taught me to be patient with my self.  If I didn't have patience I would be one frustrated upset missionary! But I am happy! The mission is tough and I have had a lot of problems lately with my companion but they are all experiences that I can use to learn and to grow! I am happy! :) How is Ammon doing now that wrestling is over? I hope grandpa stays healthy! And I am a little sad that I don't get to participate in cupcake tuesday! Haha I have a little confession! So sometimes for breakfast I have yogurt and oatmeal! Pretty healthy right! Haha it is until I add some coco powder! Haha it tastes just like frosting! And is super good! :) Haha probably not the healthiest though! :) }
Well we had two more baptisms this week! Two little girls! One is named Mayuri and the other Selene! They are awesome super ready for baptism! Now we just have to get their parents into the water! The dad has a drinking problem so things are not looking to great for him.  I want to tell you of an experience that we had though.  So during the baptism I was watching their dad the whole time.  And it almost seemed to me that he was on the verge of tears for a lot of it! I kept on thinking that he had to be feeling the spirit and hoping and praying that the spirit would tough his heart! Well when Maryuri went up to bare her testimony she said that she was happy and all she wanted was for her parents to be there.  Well this is all she could say with all the tears that she was shedding.  I looked at her dad and I know that the spirit had touched his heart! I know that the spirit touched my heart and I know that families are central in the plan of God.  Now it is just up to him if he is willing to accept what he felt or not.  The spirit was very strong and I am very grateful to be able to be there and feel the love that Heavenly Father has for his children! 
I love you guys and I hope all is well! Keep me updated on everything! :) 
Una grande brazo
Elder Guild
ps I have finally ate guinea pig and it is actually not that bad! Not my favorite but not bad...
"Becoming Christlike is a lifetime pursuit and very often involves growth and change that is slow, almost imperceptible...  for every Paul, for every Enos, and for every King Lamoni there are hundreds and thousands of people who find the precess of repentance much more subtle much more imperceptible. day by day they move closer to the lord little realizing they are building a godlike life.  They live with lives of goodness, service, and commitment. They are like the lamanites who the lord said were baptized with fire and  with the holy ghost and they knew it not"

I hope you guys are continually striving to become like Christ!

Monday, March 3, 2014

All things happen for a reason!

Hey mom! 

So I was reading out of the Feb. Liahona and I read an awesome article about making decisions! Well one of the things that really stood out to me is how Heavenly Father has given us all these experiences! Some of them bad some of them good! But all of the experiences that he gives us are put in our path to help us to become more like Him and in the end become a God! We all have the choice of how to react when our children to not obey us or when someone is bugging us but if we act in a Christlike manner we will develop patience! If we don't act in a Christlike manner we will develop more satan like qualities! Therefore for all of the things that happen to us in this life happen for a reason.  The reason is to give us experience so that we can react in order to gain qualities of darkness or qualities of light! i hope that you are always trying and striving to act in a christlike manner so that you can develop his attributes! Really this is the only way that we can really find happiness in this life! This is the only way that we return to his presence! Our life is short and it is very crucial! I love you mom and you have always been such a great role model for me! 

oh ya! here is an aweomse scripture for you and the family! onmi 1:26! m love you all!
un Brazo
Elder Guild