Monday, August 25, 2014

Hymns and Talks

Hey mom!

Well this week went okay.... Sunday morning the bishop called me and said that his wife’s sister had past away... and he wanted us missionaries to sing some songs at the funeral later that day.  So after church we went to his house and his wife was a little down and he ended up asking us to talk at the funeral! So we went to the funeral service and it was packed with about 150 people!! So we sang some hymns and then me elder pack, elder Spencer, and elder White all gave a thought.  It was actually pretty spiritual! I shared Ether 12:4 and how we all have hope in this life because we have a loving heavenly father who made a plan for all of us! After we got done the people asked if we could sing another hymn!! So that was a pretty cool experience! The spirit was so strong! I just feel bad for all the people who had lost their loved one... I feel like we were able to help them though!! 

Well that was the main thing that happened this week.  We have been busy and well we are waiting for the fruits! patiently waiting!  I am sorry if al my words are spelled wrong! Spanish really is a lot easier!! Tell everyone that I love them! :) Love you mom!

Elder Guild 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Uno and Earthquakes

Hey Mom!

Well I got this huge package today and it was a little embarrassing! I am just glad that not a lot of people saw!! haha no thank you very much! We are going to have fun with Uno!!! I will have to teach you guys how we play as missionaries when I get back! right now the work is a little tough! but we keep working hard and it will pick up! love you!

Elder Guild

btw have you heard about the earthquakes we have been having down here?

Hmm well there have only been two deaths but now they are just like normal! More exciting than scary! one time we were out in the street and all the windows on the building started to shake like crazy and then the gound started moving! kinda cool! :) but don't worry they have not been big at all just little ones!

haha and we could feel the ground moving! I think they said that one was a 4.9! but there was one on tuesday that was 5.3 i think that was pretty cool! we were helping a lady move and to say the least we were out side really fast!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Half Way Point!

Hey mom!

We are doing good! I am a little disappointed with my district today... No one called me last night and so I had to run around to all of their houses in the morning to get the numbers!  We spent all morning doing that because the Zone leaders need them before 10 in the morning!  But it has all been good! My companion really has the gift of tongues! He is learning Spanish super fast!! Lately we have been teaching the members a lot about the atonement! We read with them Alma 7 and then we watch “Because of Him” and it is always really spiritual! Then we always ask if there is anyone that they know that we can share our message with! It works pretty well! We received 12 references last week, which is way more than I have every received in one-week! We are kind of having a hard week! We did not have anyone attend church but we were able to get 10 new investigators and we were able to have 90 contacts so that was good! Now we just need to get them to church!! 

Well love you guys! keep up being awesome! 

Elder Guild

oh and by the way in exactly one year i will be on the plane coming home!! haha the time flies by fast no?

Monday, August 4, 2014

Thank You Grandma!

This is the letter I sent to grandma this week!

So I received your package today! thank you! haha so I have to tell you a story that happened.  we went to the offices today and I got your package and then we got on the bus to go back to our sector and on the bus ride I opened your package and found the fruit snacks so I opened a bag and was sharing them with the other 3 missionaries that were with me.  well the bus was crowded so we were all standing up but after a while two people left leaving two seats open!! and no one went to sit down in them ! so I decided to take a seat and right as I sat down this cute Ecuadorian girl sat down next to me! The other missionaries started making faces at me so I decided to share my snacks with her!! Haha it was pretty cool!  She is catholic and she has a friend that is Mormon! She lives at home with her parents and a brother! She also said that I could send some missionaries to her house! So thank you grandma! Maybe we will have a baptism in three weeks!! :)  Thank you for everything grandma! you are awesome and I love you!