Thursday, October 3, 2013

4th week-Love CCM but ready to do it for real!

Oct 3, 2013
The temple was sweet! I will send you some pictures! It is hard to understand very much but I can pick out bits and pieces.  I can understand a ton more than the first time that we went to the temple so that is pretty sweet!  I love the temple! It is so peacful and the spirit there is so strong!
(from left to right:  Elder Kuhn, Elder Young, Hermana Henderson, Hermana Wright, Hermana Collier, Hermana Lindhart, Elder Bolton, Me, and Elder Brown)

 I can't believe that I am leaving this next week! The time has gone by so so so fast! I love the ccm but I am ready to get out and do it for real!
(Just a cool view of Mexico City!)

We had our last class yesterday and we combined with another district that our teachers teach.  We got a "referral" and had to prepare to teach people! The referral was for another companionship in the other district and we were told that they didn't really act happy and they didn't have much confidence and they didn't really teach from their heart! So Elder Bolton and I got ready and we pretty much gave them the bomb lesson.  It was actually perfect because I feel like we were kinda the same way when we started to teach and then we changed a lot of things about our teaching and our lessons went so much better! We pretty much just told them how we changed and testified to them, but it was sick.
(these are our tienda (store) ties! only 30 pesos)

So there are some elders here who are going to Pocatello, Idaho and Star Valley is in their mission so I told them that you guys would be glad to have them over for dinner if they are ever in town! They are all so awesome! A little immature but they are still good guys! hmm... make sure you are still reading your Book of Mormon everyday and having family home evening and everything! Also, I leave probably on Tuesday and I get to call home so if you want me to do that let me know everything and I will let you know the time!




Sounds like Jacob is doing awesome! You should get him an email so he can write me! I would love to hear from him!

I am really proud of Ammon.   I love him so much.  I think about him every day.


I am glad Shalee is doing good! She is awesome! I'm glad the family is supporting her.
I am so stoked for general conference! When you listen to it have something to write with and a lot of people take like really detailed notes about the talks but instead of doing that listen closely not only to the speaker but to the spirit and write down what the spirit is telling you and how the docrine and principles in the talks are meant specifically for you! You might not have as much written down but you will learn a ton more! I have more pics.   I will send them and I will label them this time!


love ya,
Elder Guild

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