Monday, October 14, 2013

New in Esperalda-Oct 13

Sounds like the family is doing well! My companion is really cool! He is from here and speaks like no English at all! So speaking is a little hard but I am learning a lot and he is really good with being patient and everything.  I am pretty sure I will be his last companion before he goes home so that is kinda cool, I guess.  We are serving in Esmeralda! We actually just got here like an hour ago! We got stuck in Quito for the weekend because it is a holiday and there were no buses! So we went with a companionship there and it was pretty cool! It actually gets a little chilly in the evening and I need a sweatshirt but during the day it is perfect! I won't need one here in Esmeralda though! It is super hot and very humid! We are right next to the ocean! Oh, it's not normal for that many missionaries.  I'm actually missing the cold a little bit. 
Ya, a testimony is so crucial! It reminds me of that chapter in Alma I think it is 36 or 37 where it talks about gaining a testimony! You should read it it is great! Ya, I think our whole family could do a little better with really being member missionaries and ya, everyone has room to improve! I just read Ether 12 and Moroni 7 and they are super clutch! You guys should read them as a family! Also the testaments is a great movie!
The bus ride over here was like 8 hours! and it was mountains the whole way! so so so so so pretty! It was a jungle the whole time and I now know why they think our mountains are not a big deal at all! BTW, my companion's name is Elder Boutista! He is super cool and I am so so so grateful to have him as my companion!
I have been thinkng about my life lately and I am just so grateful for everything that we have and what I have grown up with.  Our family is truly blessed and it just blows my mind how Heavenly Father has truly poured out his blessing upon us!

love you mom

Elder Guild

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