Monday, June 30, 2014

Mission Work can be Frustrating

Hey Mom!
Is it not such a blessing for us to have the gospel in our lives? I get sad sometimes because the people reject the blessing that comes with the Gospel when they do not do the will of the lord! We have a less active family that we are working with and this week their excuse was that they did not have any nice clothes!  Oh it made me mad! They are only looking for excuses! That is it! I had a whole bunch of things that I wanted to tell them but I thought I better to keep my mouth shut so I didn’t say anything.  I almost told that that when they do not want to do the will of the Lord, they are loving Satan more than God!  I am glad that you are seeing the blessings of God in your life! A lot of people have trouble seeing the blessings but if we are always giving thanks for the things that he gives us it will be easier to recognize the blessings that he gives us daily.  
Well I want you to know that I love you! Just keep moving on! Remember that we gain faith by always choosing the right! and update on our new converts... they separated.  The mom moved out of her daughter’s house and the other daughter moved into her own house also...  Sometimes peoples pride really gets to them
Love you,
Elder Guild 

Yeah it was a little rough.  We were able to have a ton of new investigators but none of them attended church... My companion and I are good! Sometimes I wonder what in the crap he is thinking but he has a good heart and he is doing his best! The only time I get frustrated with him is when he just does not do as good and he can.  It frustrates me sometimes but I love working with him.

Monday, June 23, 2014


Hey mom!
Hmm if I had any advice I would say a raincoat is necessary! I use mine all the time and I would rather be dry than wet.  I also have my umbrella with me at all times.  The weather is pretty unpredictable here... And as far as food goes all you really have to do is feed yourself breakfast, which is super easy.  The people
As far as this week went it was just okay.  People have so many problems is their lives and they lack so much faith sometimes! We are working a lot with less active members because there are so many in our sector and well a lot of them lack faith! I feel like if they could just put there trust in the lord things would be all right for them but for some reason that is hard for them.  I think at certain times that is hard for all of us here on earth to do.  Put our faith in the lord in all of our concerns and worries.  But the lord promises us again and again that he will bless us if we can just take that little step of faith and rely on him! One of the scriptures that I like to share with people is Alma 36:3.  Because you can put your name in place of Helaman. Sometimes I know it is hard to do things but if we can just put that little faith in the Lord he will help us and we will be happier and our testimonies will be so much more strong! We will see the Lord pour out his blessings upon us! So pay you’re tithing always mom! Just take that little step and trust in the Lord! I know that if you try to do it with our any regret and do it because you want to the blessings will come in such greater amount! :) 
Wow it is crazy to me that Paul is back home! I can’t believe that I have almost 10 months here! kind of crazy! almost half way done! Well I love you mom! Pray for my investigators and less active members and especially my recent converts.  They are going through some hard times... Love you!

Elder Guild

Monday, June 16, 2014

Awesome Elders Here

Hey mom!

Well I did not get transferred this change and neither did my companion so we will have another good 6 weeks together! I actually really enjoy working with my companion! He is a great Elder! Actually no one in my district got changed! So that is kind of cool! They are all super fun! We always play this game called ninja destruction and we have made a rule that when we are together and if someone says ninja destruction then every one has to stop in their tracks and we start playing! no importa donde estamos!! It is pretty awesome!

My disk was not full but I had a lot of photos! kind of a bummer but it is okay.  We are thinking that this little girl was playing with it and deleted them on accident... 

So this week I went on splits with Elder Huber and he is probably one of my favorite people to go on splits with because he wrestled in high school and he also likes to hunt!! I get so trunky whenever I am with him! We just talk about hunting and sports like the whole day! Oh and I guess he has a super cute friend that is a super super good dancer that he is going to hook me up with! haha I probably should not go on divisions with him too much...

Elder Guild

Monday, June 9, 2014

Another Cool Experience

Hey mom!
Thank you for the email! Sounds like things are going good for the family! That is always good to hear! My week went pretty well! We were not able to have very many people progressing but it was a good week of work and I hope that next week we will start to see the fruits of our work! We have changes next week and my companion is scared that he is going to be changed! He is a little attached to some of the people here!
It is kind of crazy all of the experiences that you have on the mission! The other day we were walking and there was a family that was moving into a house so we stopped and offered our help! Well after we got everything moved into their house we told them who we were and everything and the mom lost it! I guess she has two sons who are living on a street comer in another sector! She is just a loving mom who is really worried about her sons.  They are on drugs and who knows what else but she told us that they don’t want anything to do with them... Well we told them that we can help them and we set an appointment with them.  We went back for the appointment and one of the sons was there! I guess he came back and he wants to start over! Well we shared a message with them and although they did not accept the baptismal invitation I feel like they have a lot of potential! It was pretty cool! 
Well I hope all is well with Berglund and his family... sometimes when people have things happen like that that is when they are most receptive to the spirit and willing to accept the gospel!  It is such a relief to know about the Plan of Salvation and how we can know with a surety that if we keep our covenants that we have made with God everything will be well after this life and we can live with our families forever!! I hope Berglund has or will have the hope to have these blessings.
Well tell everyone that I love them! I am doing great! Only all my pictures got deleted! That was a bummer...
Elder Guild
Love you

Monday, June 2, 2014

A Little Slow........

Hey mom!
We had a pretty good week.  I have definitely had better weeks but it was okay.  Today we were going to go to a volcano and well we got there and we had to go in this ski lift deal but my companion is afraid of heights and would not go! ° We spent 20 minutes trying to convince him to go but he just would not do it! So the other elders went without us... I was a little disappointed but its okay.  Maybe when I get a companion who is not afraid of heights I will go again! It is super cool up there but oh well...
Well I want you do know that I love ya and I hope everything is going great!

Elder Guild

This is Elder Ladines and I with our ties that we won for having the most people attend church and the most progressing investigators!