Monday, January 20, 2014

Thanks for Christmas!

Mom I am not going to lie to you, your emails really are super great to me! Thank you for always emailing me and keeping me updated on everything! So my shoelaces broke so if you could send me another pair in my birthday package that would be great!! :) I actually have not been using my sunscreen or mosquito spray a lot.  There are not a lot of mosquitos here and well for the sun I just forget usually... I will wear it good for like a week and then I will forget for about... a month or so!!! haha but thank you! Sounds like the family is doing good for the most part!! 

Thank you for the Christmas!!!!

Haha I wont lie I did make myself sick! It was a lot of chocolate but I wont lie I loved loved it! And so did my companion.  I have fat weeks and skinny weeks... to say the least this was a fat week... haha our mommita last Sunday said I need to eat more because I was looking a little skinny and this week she told me that I looked like i have gained a little weight!! haha thanks for everything though! yeah I will definitely send some pictures next week!

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