Monday, October 28, 2013

I feel the spirit so strong at times!

Hey mom!

Things are going really well this week! We have taught a lot of people and commited people to baptism and things are going well! Living conditions are good! Our water is only on like never so we have a big barrel for when it is on that we fill up when the water is actually on so that we can shower in the mornings! And the power only works half the time, too.  You would like it!! ;)  It's really not bad.  It's bigger than what most families have here so I am not complaining.   

Ya... I know I am getting fat but I have started working our every morning and eating really healthy so hopefully things will go good!! My companion is really cool! He is really good at teaching and talking to people in Spanish and listening to the spirit!

Hmm... if I have time I will send some more pictures.  Sounds like the family is all doing great! The Art from the Heart will be worth it when it is over.  I am glad to here that you guys are committed to FHE!! Make sure you guys read the Book of Mormon, too!  There is so much power in the BOM. It's awesome and I absolutely love it!
"We learn more from our failures than from our successes.  It’s ok to fail because it’s a chance to learn."  I like that quote! Spanish is hard and I feel like I am failing all the time and it is kinda rough but I learn so much more when I actually try and when I say something wrong then I know and if I never talk I wouldn't know!!
Hmm.. something that was kinda cool that happened this week is yesterday at church the mission leader wanted a blessing for his health and he wanted me to give it!! I was like, "I can't in Spanish..." but he said it was okay so I gave him a blessing in English and it was pretty cool.  I feel the spirit so strong at times here.  It is a great feeling.  Later that same day we went to a member's house and gave them a spiritual thought. One guy there was not a member and he was having health problems so we offered to give a blessing and he wanted me to give it! I told him I couldn't do it in Spanish but he was okay with it in English and it was really cool.  I know that he felt the spirit in my blessing. I don't know how much he understood but at least he felt the spirit.  My companion told me he understood the whoole thing so that was kinda cool!

Service project!! and a pretty good view of Esmeraldas

Everything here is great! I love the people,  the ocean is beautiful and it is a good temperature... I am sweating non stop!!

Love you mom!!

Elder Guild

October 21, 2013

I'm not going to lie it is pretty tough! this week has definitely has its ups and downs.  The language is hard and sometimes I don't feel like I am improving at all! Everyone says after six months I will be speaking like a pro so I just have to be patient.  My companion is really cool though so that helps.

 It took so long because the road is all through mountains and it is really winding up and down and very slow! So, so, so, pretty though! Thanks for the prayers... I need to just chilax, I think. 

I love you mom! The mission work is tough but it sounds like you are working hard too! Keep on working hard! Don't worry about me I am doing good! I love it here! I wake up and see the ocean every day! It's pretty cool.  I don't have a lot of photos this week but I promise I will send some next week!

Okay cool! For Christmas, I wouldn't mind some chocolate and almonds!
Elder Guild

This was at the airport in Columbia. We were really tired... haha we had like two hours of sleep.  Sorry,  I don't have very many pictures.  I need to send more  and take more.  I will send more next week.  Love you guys... keep keeping the commandments and look for opportunities to share the gospel and just anything with the gospel is awesome and I promise you will feel God's love and more happiness and less STRESS!! :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

New in Esperalda-Oct 13

Sounds like the family is doing well! My companion is really cool! He is from here and speaks like no English at all! So speaking is a little hard but I am learning a lot and he is really good with being patient and everything.  I am pretty sure I will be his last companion before he goes home so that is kinda cool, I guess.  We are serving in Esmeralda! We actually just got here like an hour ago! We got stuck in Quito for the weekend because it is a holiday and there were no buses! So we went with a companionship there and it was pretty cool! It actually gets a little chilly in the evening and I need a sweatshirt but during the day it is perfect! I won't need one here in Esmeralda though! It is super hot and very humid! We are right next to the ocean! Oh, it's not normal for that many missionaries.  I'm actually missing the cold a little bit. 
Ya, a testimony is so crucial! It reminds me of that chapter in Alma I think it is 36 or 37 where it talks about gaining a testimony! You should read it it is great! Ya, I think our whole family could do a little better with really being member missionaries and ya, everyone has room to improve! I just read Ether 12 and Moroni 7 and they are super clutch! You guys should read them as a family! Also the testaments is a great movie!
The bus ride over here was like 8 hours! and it was mountains the whole way! so so so so so pretty! It was a jungle the whole time and I now know why they think our mountains are not a big deal at all! BTW, my companion's name is Elder Boutista! He is super cool and I am so so so grateful to have him as my companion!
I have been thinkng about my life lately and I am just so grateful for everything that we have and what I have grown up with.  Our family is truly blessed and it just blows my mind how Heavenly Father has truly poured out his blessing upon us!

love you mom

Elder Guild

Elder Guild has arrived in Ecuador

We wanted to let you know that we are delighted to have met and spent the last three days with Elder Guild.  We assure you that we will do everything possible to help him have a positive experience here in the Ecuador Quito North Mission
Elder Guild and President Brian and Hermana Susan Richardson
The theme of our mission is translated “The Center of the World; Centered on Christ,” and we have a wonderful group of 28 missionaries that arrived with him. 

He will be serving with one of our best trainers, Elder Bautista from Ecuador.   

We know you’re already planning on it, but we want to remind you to write your son a weekly letter.  His preparation day will be on Mondays.


President Brian and Hermana Susan Richardson
Misión Ecuador, Quito Norte

Thursday, October 3, 2013

4th week-Love CCM but ready to do it for real!

Oct 3, 2013
The temple was sweet! I will send you some pictures! It is hard to understand very much but I can pick out bits and pieces.  I can understand a ton more than the first time that we went to the temple so that is pretty sweet!  I love the temple! It is so peacful and the spirit there is so strong!
(from left to right:  Elder Kuhn, Elder Young, Hermana Henderson, Hermana Wright, Hermana Collier, Hermana Lindhart, Elder Bolton, Me, and Elder Brown)

 I can't believe that I am leaving this next week! The time has gone by so so so fast! I love the ccm but I am ready to get out and do it for real!
(Just a cool view of Mexico City!)

We had our last class yesterday and we combined with another district that our teachers teach.  We got a "referral" and had to prepare to teach people! The referral was for another companionship in the other district and we were told that they didn't really act happy and they didn't have much confidence and they didn't really teach from their heart! So Elder Bolton and I got ready and we pretty much gave them the bomb lesson.  It was actually perfect because I feel like we were kinda the same way when we started to teach and then we changed a lot of things about our teaching and our lessons went so much better! We pretty much just told them how we changed and testified to them, but it was sick.
(these are our tienda (store) ties! only 30 pesos)

So there are some elders here who are going to Pocatello, Idaho and Star Valley is in their mission so I told them that you guys would be glad to have them over for dinner if they are ever in town! They are all so awesome! A little immature but they are still good guys! hmm... make sure you are still reading your Book of Mormon everyday and having family home evening and everything! Also, I leave probably on Tuesday and I get to call home so if you want me to do that let me know everything and I will let you know the time!




Sounds like Jacob is doing awesome! You should get him an email so he can write me! I would love to hear from him!

I am really proud of Ammon.   I love him so much.  I think about him every day.


I am glad Shalee is doing good! She is awesome! I'm glad the family is supporting her.
I am so stoked for general conference! When you listen to it have something to write with and a lot of people take like really detailed notes about the talks but instead of doing that listen closely not only to the speaker but to the spirit and write down what the spirit is telling you and how the docrine and principles in the talks are meant specifically for you! You might not have as much written down but you will learn a ton more! I have more pics.   I will send them and I will label them this time!


love ya,
Elder Guild

3rd week-So good looking!

September 19, 2013

I am doing really well this week! I am starting to really like the ccm! It is pretty legit!  We went to the temple today and that is always a good experience!

So we were playing a game in class to learn Spanish and we were all sitting in a circle and we had to ask someone next to us a questino in Spanish and then the person they asked had to ask someone else a question and if you paused or stuttered then you were out so it was pretty hard and you didn't really know what you were asking because you had to just say the first thing that came to your head! Well, this Hermana was sitting next to me and she turned to me to ask me a question and said "por que usted muy guapo?!" haha.. that means why are you so good looking! She was really embarrassed but it was really funny!

Is it the same heart thing for grandma that happened to her when i was wrestling at Evanston my senoir year? I'm glad she is doing okay, though.  You should tell her to use  or someone should because everyone in my district is getting letters and packages except for me! I just want one! :) I am so jeolous Jacob gets to shoot archery! and I am glad he is having fun!

I think that the vision thing is a good idea! people work a lot harder when they have purpose.  haha.. and sounds like you are busy! make sure to save time for spiritual stuff everyday though!

Please send me some pics from home! Just on email is fine but I definitely want some pictures in the mail! Tell grandma to write me! love you! Oh and I guess there is a hurricane somewhere by here so that is awesome! It rains like non stop so no biggie! love you all! Keep me updated and please keep writing! i would love something in the mail! did you get my letter yet?

Do you guys want me to send letters home? I will if you want.  I need some stamps though.  And I guess in the airport when we leave we can call home so be ready for that! I think I leave on the 8th of October!

here is the address for the mtc here

Carr. Tenayuca-Chalmita No. 828,
Col. Zona Escolar, Deleg.  G.A. Madero,
C.P. 07230, Mexico, D.F.;MExico

love you!

Elder Guild
Games on Pday

2nd week-Zone pictures

Sept 12, 2013
Hey Mom!

ya, I am doing a lot better this week. The Spanish is coming a long well.  I think about Ammon a lot and he has so much potential it's crazy!    Its good to know that Shalee is doing well in the high school life.  I am so  happy to hear Jacob is loving football! He is actually a way good throw and I know he doesn't want to be quarter back but he would do a pretty good job at it.  I know that! It's good to hear you are working out! I have not really done our workouts this week because we have not had enough time which makes me a little sad!

I sent you a letter last week so hopefully you will get that soon.  I don't know the address off the top of my head.  We really haven't seen much. We went to the temple last week and that is about all we have really seen.

We are really in our own little world here at the MTC.

I just saw Conner Robinson yesterday and I have seen DJ Simms a few times.  Ashley Hall just left and I got a picture with her before.  Also there is this kid I know from college that I just saw this morning at breakfast! The food here is awesome! I love the fruit and they always have salsa! The one day they had salsa that tasted the exact same as the kind we make except for it was a lot hotter!
This week has been really good! the spirit is so strong all the time and the Spanish is still coming. Sometimes I feel like I won't ever get it but everyday I get a little better.

I keep on forgetting to tell you stuff but there is this website called or something like that and i can get letters in like a day if you use it! Look it up! Send me one! Tell grandma and grandpa to use it! I would love to hear from them!

I will have more picture next week! It has been really fun! and when you send me a package remember to include some pictures! Like our family ones and and some others ones. Maybe of my car and some photos of Star Valley so i can show my companions.  I guess it takes 2 and a half weeks for letters to get here so ya... thanks i love you!

love ya mom!

Elder Guild

 Warrior Time!

 Our Zone

1st week! Huh?

Sept 5, 2013

holy! Dad didn't go hunting! I am so very disappointed in him! I would love to be hunting right now except for I love it here so very much! It is kinda crazy the first day felt like it was about five weeks long and I was like crap it is going to be a long stay here in the MTC but it is starting to go a lot faster.  We have one teacher and he is from Preston, Idaho and he just got off his mission less than a year ago! He is was awesome though! Hermano Wolfe is his name! The first day I just sat in my seat and stared at him because I had no idea what he was saying! But it has only been a week and I can understand a few words he says and at least kinda get an idea of what he wants me to do! On the third day here we  had to teach an investigator!Iit was totally nuts!

My companion is named elder Bolton and he is from Ceder City, just graduated high school and he took three years of German! So he knows even less than me!
(our new haircuts last week! I didn't know enough Spanish to actually tell them how I wanted it but it didn't turn out too bad huh? what do you think?)

But believe it or not I did pretty good talking to our investigator and the spirit was there and I felt like I had just conquered the world after!  Then the next day we had to teach her again and it all was horrible and the spirit was not there and I felt like crap! It is so frustrating sometimes trying to teach someone and just sitting there because you can't think of the words in Spanish and can't really understand what they are saying!  But I am learning and I can say a prayer, bear my testimony great sometimes and that is about it.  I can understand most stuff if they talk slow but only key words. I'm glad I have five more weeks!  It's a little frustrating having a companion so young.  He doesn't really seem sure of himself. I think part of it is because most people already know at least a little Spanish and he knows none! But he works hard and he is easy to get a long with so it will turn out okay.  haha so I make him do the workouts with me that Blake gave us and he can't even do like five pull ups but he will get there! He probably hates me! The food here is awesome! The fruit is way good! I swear they put sugar on it! Sounds like Zack and Hyrum are doing pretty good!   If you could maybe send me some envelopes and some stamps that would be awesome! hmm.. oh and I need a charger for my camera! Just one that plugs into the wall and has a usb thing on it.  I have a cord that will fit on it. an iphone one will work.  We went to the temple today and it was awesome! It is soo pretty! maybe in a week when I remember to bring my cord I will send you some pictures! anyways, thanks! I love you all! Pass this email to whoever! and edit it if you want. 

The other day we taught our fourth lesson to our investigator and it was sooo horrible.  The spirit was not there and I felt like I couldn't speak the whole time and my companion is a little young and a little not too confident so it was tough.  I felt like it is my responsibility to make the lesson good and kinda lead everything and I just feel like I failed and it was tough.  I felt so bad all day and I couldn't shake it.  I needed one of dads pep talks! I sure do miss you guys but being here is awesome! I know I am doing the right thing and am in the right place.  I will send you a letter so you know my mtc address. I really can't wait to get out of here so I can actually start loving the people of Ecuador and teach some actually real lessons.  idk if i am too hard on myself but that lesson really did me over.  I know I am just learning but i feel like I not only failed myself but my companion, my heavenly father, you guys and myself.  I feel like I don't know the gospel as well as I should and there is just soo much that I have to learn and it seems like there is never enough time to study enough.  I hope you guys are making goals and reading the scriptures and loving people working to become like Christ! I think that is one thing our family needs to work on is loving other people and really being more in tuned with the spirit! Next week it would be awesome if everyone were to like send me some goals that they were working towards! You can get so much more done if you are have a purpose and a vision!

love you guys, miss ya
Elder Guild

So I am in Mexico City! I made it safe!

August 27, 2013

So I am in mexico city! I made it safe! The plane ride went well.  for some reason everyone keeps on asking me either in spanish or in english if i speak spanish! i dont know why! i always just say no but its fine.  on the plane ride i sat next to this guy who works for porche and he was in park city test driving their new models that have not come out yet! Doesn't that sound awesome?!? hmmm... mexico city is crazy huge! i dont think i have ever seen so many red roofs in my life! they just never stop! i heard we get pizza soon so i am looking forward to that.  all the guys on the plane were cool and the few sisters that were there too.  the traffic in mexico city is crazy! and i cant read any of the signs... ñññññ the keyboards have that N! hopefully i will actually know when to use it here shortly.    also i cannot email anyone individually until you email me first and i have your email! so get to it! well we just got here and i dont know what else to say even though i still have 50 minutes i can write.  we landed at about 5:00 but we didnt get to the mtc until about 7:45. it kinda took forever but i just cant wait to get settled in and go to bed.  my name tag is cool. anyways i hope you all made it home in one piece.

love ya

Elder Guild