Sunday, December 14, 2014

We get to watch a movie!!!

Transformers 4?

They do celebrate Christmas here but it is not near as big.  They don't do gifts or any of that.  The celebration for the new year is a lot bigger.  Christmas is more of just a normal day.

Hey mom,

Sounds like everything is going just fine back in the valley. 
I am doing good this week.  We have a lot of work to do in the ward and in the zone.  Today we are going to Quito to have a meeting with all the leaders to talk about how the mission is doing.  It should go well.  Elder Gebs and I are excited because we get to choose a movie to watch on the bus.  President gives us permission to buy movies for the buses because sometimes they play bad movies.  We are thinking of Transformers 4!! Haha but we will have to see.  The sector that I am in is really big.  I am still trying to learn where I am at and everything but.  We pretty much have half of otavalo because all the Latinos have their own ward and there are only two Latino wards that speak Spanish here.  My companions parents live in Evanston.  He told me that they lived in Trevor's ward but they moved and now they live in the other stake.  But still in Evanston.  He said that he knew Annie also.  Everything is good here.  Tell everyone hi for me! 
Love ya,

Elder Guild

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