Monday, June 23, 2014


Hey mom!
Hmm if I had any advice I would say a raincoat is necessary! I use mine all the time and I would rather be dry than wet.  I also have my umbrella with me at all times.  The weather is pretty unpredictable here... And as far as food goes all you really have to do is feed yourself breakfast, which is super easy.  The people
As far as this week went it was just okay.  People have so many problems is their lives and they lack so much faith sometimes! We are working a lot with less active members because there are so many in our sector and well a lot of them lack faith! I feel like if they could just put there trust in the lord things would be all right for them but for some reason that is hard for them.  I think at certain times that is hard for all of us here on earth to do.  Put our faith in the lord in all of our concerns and worries.  But the lord promises us again and again that he will bless us if we can just take that little step of faith and rely on him! One of the scriptures that I like to share with people is Alma 36:3.  Because you can put your name in place of Helaman. Sometimes I know it is hard to do things but if we can just put that little faith in the Lord he will help us and we will be happier and our testimonies will be so much more strong! We will see the Lord pour out his blessings upon us! So pay you’re tithing always mom! Just take that little step and trust in the Lord! I know that if you try to do it with our any regret and do it because you want to the blessings will come in such greater amount! :) 
Wow it is crazy to me that Paul is back home! I can’t believe that I have almost 10 months here! kind of crazy! almost half way done! Well I love you mom! Pray for my investigators and less active members and especially my recent converts.  They are going through some hard times... Love you!

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