Monday, June 30, 2014

Mission Work can be Frustrating

Hey Mom!
Is it not such a blessing for us to have the gospel in our lives? I get sad sometimes because the people reject the blessing that comes with the Gospel when they do not do the will of the lord! We have a less active family that we are working with and this week their excuse was that they did not have any nice clothes!  Oh it made me mad! They are only looking for excuses! That is it! I had a whole bunch of things that I wanted to tell them but I thought I better to keep my mouth shut so I didn’t say anything.  I almost told that that when they do not want to do the will of the Lord, they are loving Satan more than God!  I am glad that you are seeing the blessings of God in your life! A lot of people have trouble seeing the blessings but if we are always giving thanks for the things that he gives us it will be easier to recognize the blessings that he gives us daily.  
Well I want you to know that I love you! Just keep moving on! Remember that we gain faith by always choosing the right! and update on our new converts... they separated.  The mom moved out of her daughter’s house and the other daughter moved into her own house also...  Sometimes peoples pride really gets to them
Love you,
Elder Guild 

Yeah it was a little rough.  We were able to have a ton of new investigators but none of them attended church... My companion and I are good! Sometimes I wonder what in the crap he is thinking but he has a good heart and he is doing his best! The only time I get frustrated with him is when he just does not do as good and he can.  It frustrates me sometimes but I love working with him.

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