Monday, November 17, 2014

Testimonies are so important!

Hey mom!!

I am doing good.  Things are all good here.  Me and my companion are doing well.  He does not talk that much which is a little weird for me but it is all good.  We are having a little bit of a hard time right now.  We do not have anyone progressing but we keep on working.  Mostly our ward is tough.  We have dedicated ourselves to visiting the ward members and trying to help all of them come to the conversion.  They are really weak here.  A lot of them were baptized the day after they met the missionaries and so they don’t really have much of a testimony.  

I hope everything is going well with school!  Just remember to keep a little time to study the scriptures! The lord will help you for your sacrifice.  Tell shalee that I hope she gets them off as soon as possible! and I hope everything is okay with ammon so that he can wrestle!  

That sounds like a great goal!! I will be checking in on that and I would love to hear experiences and things that you learn also!! I love the Book of Mormon.  My companion that I am with right now is probably on of the most converted people that I have been with and he has taught me a lot about the conversion.  Really one thing that he has brought to my attention is our testimonies.  I would strongly suggest reading the introduction and studying it out.  It will teach you how to get a testimony of the book of Mormon.  Then how we really become converted is when we are faithful to the testimony that we have.  In the testimony of the 3 witnesses it talks about the blessings that come from being faithful to your testimony also.  Here are some scriptures that I like also that you could study about the conversion.  Alma 5:14 & 26  Mosiah 5:2  Mosiah 27:25-26  

Well That is cool that you got to see Devin.  If you see him again tell him hi!! I am kind of nervous for when I come back because I really want to be a different person! I want to be changed!! That is in the end the point of the Gospel right?  Anyways love you mom!! Have a great week!! 

Elder Guild

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