Monday, June 16, 2014

Awesome Elders Here

Hey mom!

Well I did not get transferred this change and neither did my companion so we will have another good 6 weeks together! I actually really enjoy working with my companion! He is a great Elder! Actually no one in my district got changed! So that is kind of cool! They are all super fun! We always play this game called ninja destruction and we have made a rule that when we are together and if someone says ninja destruction then every one has to stop in their tracks and we start playing! no importa donde estamos!! It is pretty awesome!

My disk was not full but I had a lot of photos! kind of a bummer but it is okay.  We are thinking that this little girl was playing with it and deleted them on accident... 

So this week I went on splits with Elder Huber and he is probably one of my favorite people to go on splits with because he wrestled in high school and he also likes to hunt!! I get so trunky whenever I am with him! We just talk about hunting and sports like the whole day! Oh and I guess he has a super cute friend that is a super super good dancer that he is going to hook me up with! haha I probably should not go on divisions with him too much...

Elder Guild

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