Monday, December 9, 2013

Bad Haircut!

Wow!! Dang that is so awesome Ammon took first at the Evanston invite!! haha I took third my junior year! Seriously when I read that I wanted to get up and cheer! haha That gets me so pumped! I told my companion and he didn't even make anything out of it! haha I need to calm down! That is way cool! Tell him I am proud of him! Sounds like Shalee is doing awesome too! I hate that I am missing all the action but you will have to save the video for me to watch! Yeah that gets me so pumped that they are both doing awesome! haha Yeah, I am glad I am not in that cold weather! It is really hot today and I have been sweating a ton!! I am glad that grandma is doing good too! Keep me updated on everything!
I am doing good this week! It is really crazy how much the Lord blesses us! Every night I write in my journal and every night I am amazed at how much we have been blessed! It is crazy! Our week this week was not quite as good as others but it was still good.  I got the worst hair cut i think i have ever had in my life last week... haha that is fun! I showed the guy a picture of me and told him I wanted my hair like that... well he did his best but lets just say it wasn't very close to the picture. Elder Bautista thinks it is pretty funny! I just am waiting for it to grow out! We didn't find as many people this week but we are really trying to figure out ways to use the members to help us and so we will see how that goes this week.  Talking to the members the Elders before us really were not that good and they had no confidence in the Elders so we have been working with them really hard and I think finally we are starting to get a good relationship with the members and think we can start getting some more support from them so that should be good. 
That scripture I couldn't remember last week it D&C 130:20-21.  Its great! Usually through the week I write down some scriptures if I come across them and think you guys would like them and this is what I got this week.  Moroni 8:3, true to the faith page 65,  happiness in true to the faith.  Those are all great! I loved them and thought of you guys as I come across them!
So I will be able to skype you guys on Christmas!! :) I will let you know more as far as times and everything next week but I want you guys to think of questions for me and things that you want to tell me! Stories just anything awesome! i will do the same and it will make our talking a lot more productive and fullfilling! So will you tell that to the family mom? Thank!s
So the relief society president wants me to teach her how to make some snacks and I thought blt bites would be perfect! So could you send me the recepe for that?

I love you mom! You are the best!
Elder Guild

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