Monday, June 9, 2014

Another Cool Experience

Hey mom!
Thank you for the email! Sounds like things are going good for the family! That is always good to hear! My week went pretty well! We were not able to have very many people progressing but it was a good week of work and I hope that next week we will start to see the fruits of our work! We have changes next week and my companion is scared that he is going to be changed! He is a little attached to some of the people here!
It is kind of crazy all of the experiences that you have on the mission! The other day we were walking and there was a family that was moving into a house so we stopped and offered our help! Well after we got everything moved into their house we told them who we were and everything and the mom lost it! I guess she has two sons who are living on a street comer in another sector! She is just a loving mom who is really worried about her sons.  They are on drugs and who knows what else but she told us that they don’t want anything to do with them... Well we told them that we can help them and we set an appointment with them.  We went back for the appointment and one of the sons was there! I guess he came back and he wants to start over! Well we shared a message with them and although they did not accept the baptismal invitation I feel like they have a lot of potential! It was pretty cool! 
Well I hope all is well with Berglund and his family... sometimes when people have things happen like that that is when they are most receptive to the spirit and willing to accept the gospel!  It is such a relief to know about the Plan of Salvation and how we can know with a surety that if we keep our covenants that we have made with God everything will be well after this life and we can live with our families forever!! I hope Berglund has or will have the hope to have these blessings.
Well tell everyone that I love them! I am doing great! Only all my pictures got deleted! That was a bummer...
Elder Guild
Love you

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