Monday, May 5, 2014

District Leader!

Hey Mom!

How are you? I did get changed this week! I am here in Quito still in a part called ofelia! It is pretty cool! I was called to be district leader! So we will see how that goes! My companion has 16 months in the mission and I actually met him when I was in Esmeraldas! His name is Elder Ladines! He is pretty cool only he has a few problems being obedient and also being motivated to work but we will see if we cant change that.  I am a little nervous! They pretty much just give you a phone and tell you good luck! They have not even told me what I am suppose to do so it will be a good experience for these first few weeks!

I was kind of bummed to be leaving my old sector! We are going to have three baptisms this next Saturday and I was going to baptize two of them!! But it is okay... I am glad you had a talk with your children!  They needed it! I hope the discussion went well! ;)

Sounds like everything is going well! That is good to hear! Oh I was going to tell you that we had a sad week last week! I feel like everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong! We had a family progressing and doing great then their family came and visited them and they didn’t want to anymore!! They wanted to baptize their baby in the Catholic Church and it was a mess! I have never been so sad to be rejected in my life!

Well I think we are going to try to call at 6 our time! We have church from 2-5 and my companion said that there is a member who can let us use the computer.  So that will be 5 your time! If I don’t call then plan on Monday and 3 your time.  You’re awesome mom! Love you!  Tell everyone I love them.

Elder Guild

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