Monday, August 25, 2014

Hymns and Talks

Hey mom!

Well this week went okay.... Sunday morning the bishop called me and said that his wife’s sister had past away... and he wanted us missionaries to sing some songs at the funeral later that day.  So after church we went to his house and his wife was a little down and he ended up asking us to talk at the funeral! So we went to the funeral service and it was packed with about 150 people!! So we sang some hymns and then me elder pack, elder Spencer, and elder White all gave a thought.  It was actually pretty spiritual! I shared Ether 12:4 and how we all have hope in this life because we have a loving heavenly father who made a plan for all of us! After we got done the people asked if we could sing another hymn!! So that was a pretty cool experience! The spirit was so strong! I just feel bad for all the people who had lost their loved one... I feel like we were able to help them though!! 

Well that was the main thing that happened this week.  We have been busy and well we are waiting for the fruits! patiently waiting!  I am sorry if al my words are spelled wrong! Spanish really is a lot easier!! Tell everyone that I love them! :) Love you mom!

Elder Guild 

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