Monday, March 10, 2014

2 baptisms! The spirit is so strong!

Hey mom! 

Sounds like life is going pretty well! I am doing well.  The spanish is always a struggle but I am getting it little by little! It has really taught me to be patient with my self.  If I didn't have patience I would be one frustrated upset missionary! But I am happy! The mission is tough and I have had a lot of problems lately with my companion but they are all experiences that I can use to learn and to grow! I am happy! :) How is Ammon doing now that wrestling is over? I hope grandpa stays healthy! And I am a little sad that I don't get to participate in cupcake tuesday! Haha I have a little confession! So sometimes for breakfast I have yogurt and oatmeal! Pretty healthy right! Haha it is until I add some coco powder! Haha it tastes just like frosting! And is super good! :) Haha probably not the healthiest though! :) }
Well we had two more baptisms this week! Two little girls! One is named Mayuri and the other Selene! They are awesome super ready for baptism! Now we just have to get their parents into the water! The dad has a drinking problem so things are not looking to great for him.  I want to tell you of an experience that we had though.  So during the baptism I was watching their dad the whole time.  And it almost seemed to me that he was on the verge of tears for a lot of it! I kept on thinking that he had to be feeling the spirit and hoping and praying that the spirit would tough his heart! Well when Maryuri went up to bare her testimony she said that she was happy and all she wanted was for her parents to be there.  Well this is all she could say with all the tears that she was shedding.  I looked at her dad and I know that the spirit had touched his heart! I know that the spirit touched my heart and I know that families are central in the plan of God.  Now it is just up to him if he is willing to accept what he felt or not.  The spirit was very strong and I am very grateful to be able to be there and feel the love that Heavenly Father has for his children! 
I love you guys and I hope all is well! Keep me updated on everything! :) 
Una grande brazo
Elder Guild
ps I have finally ate guinea pig and it is actually not that bad! Not my favorite but not bad...
"Becoming Christlike is a lifetime pursuit and very often involves growth and change that is slow, almost imperceptible...  for every Paul, for every Enos, and for every King Lamoni there are hundreds and thousands of people who find the precess of repentance much more subtle much more imperceptible. day by day they move closer to the lord little realizing they are building a godlike life.  They live with lives of goodness, service, and commitment. They are like the lamanites who the lord said were baptized with fire and  with the holy ghost and they knew it not"

I hope you guys are continually striving to become like Christ!

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