Monday, November 3, 2014

Keeping Busy!

Hey mom!
I am doing good! Me and my companion are always at meetings or in the other sectors helping out the other missionaries  and it really has an effect on our sector.  Monday we had p-day.  Tuesday we had a meeting with the president from 1-7... Wednesday we had a ward counsel and then a meeting with the stake president.  Thursday went with sister in the zone.  Friday all the missionaries went in one sector to contact. Saturday we had a leaders meeting then we had to sent a ton of files in by email that took 2 hours.  Then Sunday we went with the other sisters in our zone... Then today we have to go to Quito and will not be coming back until Tuesday or Wednesday... But we do have one person with a date and the whole family came to church that we are working with!! So things are good we just don’t get to spend a lot of time working in our sector.
Remember how precious a testimony is.  If we never share it will not grow and can even be lost!! If you keep on sharing it will get easier!! ;) 
Elder Guild
I don’t get a lot of time to write today because we have to go Quito...

Hey JAcob
I am here being a missionary!! We go and talk to EVERYONE!!! They do not celebrate Halloween here but they have the day of the dead which was yesterday and they make bread in the shape of a person and make this super good purple drink with fruit in it!! IT is called colada morada!! Super good!  Just be an example for the kids in your class! You know what is good and what is not good! SO do the good things!! Sounds like you had a good time with the delgados!! Keep up being awesome and make sure you read your scriptures everyday and pray!! Love ya

Elder Guild

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