Monday, October 27, 2014

My Awesome Companion

hey mom thanks for the email

I am doing good with my new companion.  He is super great.  He really has got his teaching down.  I have never been with someone who teaches so well.  Sometimes I feel like I should just not even talk during the lessons!  But I am learning a lot and am grateful for the chance to learn a little bit more how to be a better teacher.  He is super cool and from Mexico.  He actually lives by cancoon!! So that is pretty cool.  Ya the president has given me a few stinky companions and one of them became one of my best companions but someone has to be with them.  I was able to learn a lot from it so I think it is okay. :)  I’m just glad I was not with my other companion longer because I am afraid I would have lost my patience with him.  I feel a hundred times better now though.

So we had two baptisms this week and that was awesome! Baptisms are always so spiritual and we were able to have a good service.  We are now just working on the parents.  They need papers to get married but on one of the papers a name is spelled wrong so they are having troubles and also they are always working and do not have time or the money to go to Quito to get everything fixed up.  But they are doing well and I feel like they will be baptized here soon! love you mom

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