Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Challenge-Be more obedient.

Hey Mom!!

First of all, can I just say you are awesome? Haha I am really glad to hear that you bore your testimony in sacrament! Makes me smile really big! :) :)  I know you will be blessed for doing so and I'm sure other people gained from it so that is awesome! The power of a short sweet testimony is awesome! Sometimes, people think they need to have a big long story but really a short heartfelt testimony in my opinion is more powerful!

Another pic of the beach
It sounds like you guys had a good Thanksgiving! I am glad you guys got to see so many people! That is great! and I am glad to hear the dates went well! Dating is really fun when you do it right! Wow, I feel sorry for shalee! I hate puking! I hope she is better soon! Hmm.. maybe tell her to try and be patient! It is hard but I have found that it really helps me.  Patience is one of the attributes of Christ in preach my gospel and I have been trying to work on it because I need it soo bad! I am not patient with my companion and even more so myself a lot of time but I have found that I am a lot happier and feel the spirit stronger as I have been practicing patience!

This is the ward mission leader and his familyl! They are awesome! They are making corvishe! I think that is how you spell it! It is platanos mashed up with fish on the inside and then it is deep fried put some salad and sauce on it and bam! It is really good! I want to learn how to make it exactly! They told me they would teach me. The only thing is I don't know if they sell platanos in the U.S.
Okay, so  I make scrambled eggs a lot because I don't have veggies but I bought some veggies today.. I usually make french toast and I like that.  We have a little stove and that is it.  A blender and a microwave and a fridge and a toaster.  That is all our cooking supplies.  I just want something that is healthy that will give me a lot of energy for the day and is also good!  What some good breakfasts that I can make myself that are somewhat healthy and also filling and ya! thanks! Send me some breakfast recipes.

So this couple is not in our zone but the first night I was in Esmeraldas we went and taught these two the law of chastity! My very first real lesson! Haha.. all I really did was bare my testimony how my parents and family have been blessed by following the law of chastity and that they would receive the same blessings! They were finally able to get married and their missionaries were not able to make it so Elder Bautista and I went! They were baptized this last Saturday so that was cool! :)

My week was pretty good! Hmm.. I am having trouble remembering it! All the weeks seem the same! We had a better week this week.  We have been trying to be better with our studies and more or less just being more obedient and well, after lunch one day when Elder Bautista usually takes his afternoon nap instead he surprised me and came and studied with me and then after we went teaching and we found four new people that are new investigators and they are great! Every person we talked to was really awesome and I really think it was because we were being more obedient! So that was kinda cool! I can't remember where the scriptures is but it is in the Docrines and Convenents talking about how there is a law in heaven and whenever your are obedient to the law you receive blessings and all of our blessing are from when we show our obedients! So my challenge for you guys this week is to try and be more obedient to the commandments this week and I promise at the end of the week when you look back at the week you will see the blessing that the Lord has given you!!

Love you, Mom!

Elder Guild

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