Monday, July 14, 2014


Hey mom!

This week was a pretty good one for us! I almost killed my companion one night because he was being a little wiener but after pushing him I felt bad and told him sorry...  haha we are all cool though! He is one of my favorite companions so far!

We have two people who are really progressing well!  I am pretty sure we will have a few baptisms here shortly and it really feels good! :)  We have been working hard and finally we are seeing some fruits! The only bummer is that we have changes in two weeks so I am not sure if I will see all of them get in the water.  

One of the things that I have really realized this week is just the effect that the Gospel has on people! One of our investigators named Celio read the BOM and prayed and he has changed so much without us even really doing anything.  We have not had time to really teach him that many times but he is always telling us how he is trying to be a better person and how in work he treats the people so much differently!  Also he immediately started looking for another job because with his current job he has to work on Sundays! He is super super cool! He would be a great missionary and really I would not be surprised if he serves a mission! The only thing is that he has 25 years!  He told us how he would love to be a missionary and share the gospel! He is awesome! I think the only problem with him is he talks so so so much!  haha
But it is okay! 

Well I love you mom! the mission is awesome and I am doing great! Tell everyone that I love them!

Elder Guild

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