Monday, January 27, 2014

We got a baptism!

Hey mom!! How are you? How is the family?? You have not written me yet so I don't know?? How is school and everything?! Let me know what is going on!! Have you had any spiritual experiences lately??

Well my week was pretty good! We were able to baptize Jean Floyd and he is super awesome! He is 12 years old his Grandma owns this bar and there are always parties there, but she always gives us this super good drink! :)

I am really grateful that we could find him and he is a prime example of someone who has been prepared to receive the gospel! His family supports him and all but they do not really help him.  They don't want to listen to us and they are all caught up in the things of this world but Jean Floyd is awesome and I am really amazed with the faith that he has! He was 30 minutes late for his confirmation yesterday and we were a little nervous but I figure it is just because his mom took a while to get ready!

As for other things that have happened not a lot! Just the same old same old! We have been working really hard and we have found new people to teach it is just hard to find people who are willing to keep the compromisos and progress! But yeah things are good! My spanish is actually getting half way good! I can say pretty much anything I want or at least find a way to say it and so that is a good feeling! I just need to remember to have patience! Haha I have so much to learn it is not even funny but I am excited to learn everything! I feel like I am not going to have enough time in these two years to learn as much as I want! I guess we will see when I am done huh?
Well i don't have a lot more but I love you! Tell the family I love them!

Elder Guild

this is our zone! at the lighthouse

I wish these photos would have turned out better, but I love these kids!

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