Monday, January 13, 2014

A Test of Patience

Hey mom!! 
Wow! Sounds like you are doing awesome! Haha I am so glad that you guys are putting in an effort to be a little better! Really makes me feel so great! Thank you for the update on everything!

What time is it?

I love you mom! How was your week? How is your business going? I am excited to come home and you can teach me all about how to do it! You will probably be a pro by then right? As for as my packages go, I still don't have them! But the president is coming this week and I am sure I will get at least one of them then! Our week was good! We worked soo hard! We had numbers that I never had before! Elder Aliaga is a little shy sometimes and I think he is suppose to be the senior companion but he doesn't know the area very well and so I have kinda been taking lead and well I try to work super hard and do everything right.  It worked out really well.  We had 11 new investigators and 50 contacts but it is still way below the goals for the missions and sometimes i feel like the goals are out of reach which makes me a little frustrated because I feel like I won't every be able to reach it no matter how hard I work! But I guess we just need to have a little more faith work a little harder and we will get there! We had a better week this week so that is good.  On sunday I got a little down because we worked and worked and then no one showed up to sacrament!! It was like a punch to the gut! Sometimes it just makes me mad! Just need some patience! :) mas que toto we are keeping our spirits up.  Sometimes it is tough and frustrating but i am doing good! I feel like i have been in this same sector forever and if I don't get changed this next cambiar then i will be in the same sector for 6 months! I wouldn't mind going to Quito where it is a little colder! It is so hot sometimes but yeah I can handle it!
Love you mom tell the family that I love that and I am so glad that you guys are working a little better as far as spiritually goes!
Elder Guild

just some fun at a noche de hogar! (family home evening)

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