Monday, March 3, 2014

All things happen for a reason!

Hey mom! 

So I was reading out of the Feb. Liahona and I read an awesome article about making decisions! Well one of the things that really stood out to me is how Heavenly Father has given us all these experiences! Some of them bad some of them good! But all of the experiences that he gives us are put in our path to help us to become more like Him and in the end become a God! We all have the choice of how to react when our children to not obey us or when someone is bugging us but if we act in a Christlike manner we will develop patience! If we don't act in a Christlike manner we will develop more satan like qualities! Therefore for all of the things that happen to us in this life happen for a reason.  The reason is to give us experience so that we can react in order to gain qualities of darkness or qualities of light! i hope that you are always trying and striving to act in a christlike manner so that you can develop his attributes! Really this is the only way that we can really find happiness in this life! This is the only way that we return to his presence! Our life is short and it is very crucial! I love you mom and you have always been such a great role model for me! 

oh ya! here is an aweomse scripture for you and the family! onmi 1:26! m love you all!
un Brazo
Elder Guild

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