Monday, May 19, 2014

Birthday Week

Hey Mom!
How are you? How are you doing? How is everything? I am super excited that ammon got voted class president! Super cool! He will have a lot of fun with that! :)  How are you doing with reading the scriptures? How is that family doing with that stuff too?  I am here working like crazy to get people to read the book of Mormon so my very own family better be setting the example and doing it too! I feel like I should not have to worry about my family but I want to ask anyways! So how are you guys doing with that? :)  I hope you can have a new house built when I get home!  Make sure to make a nice big room for me with a closet for my bows and guns! :) Oh and also make sure there is room to have a few of my trophy mounts! ;) 
Haha so my birthday went pretty well! I didn’t tell any of the members because when I was in Esmeraldas Elder Bautista told everyone and we ended up doing nothing! But my companion surprised me with a cake and ice cream! :)   I have pictures but I am not sure if I will get around to sending them... They also slammed my face in the cake so that was quite the experience! 

I love my district! They are all super awesome and we have a lot of fun! We always have lunch with elder Pack and Elder Galiego! They are opening a new sector so they don’t have any mommitas... They are super fun! Elder Pack is from California and Elder Galiego is from... haha I forgot! But we also have Elder Huber and Elder Guarena! Elder Huber is from Rexburg and he told me that his dad applied at the high school to be a counselor!  He is super cool! 
Well love you mom!
Elder Guild
Btw thank you for the letter it is great! I am pretty sure Elder Lindeman is in my mission! I have met him! He has one less transfer than me!

haha this was a good time

Haha we get bored sometimes

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