Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference

How are you doing this week? I hope super well! Elder Cabezas and I have had a pretty good week and well we are determined to have a better week this week! We have some people who are looking like they will be baptized soon so I will definitely keep you updated on that! What did you think of conference? I thought it was so great and well I learned a whole bunch! One of the talks that I really loved was by Elder Packer! How powerful is his testimony? Well I have decided that I want to have a testimony just as strong as his! So I have decided to really pray and fast so that I can really come to know for myself with all my heart that the church is true! I just want to teach with so much power that the people will be able to feel that everything that I say is true! Also I got out of it that I really want to love the people so much more! I really do love the people here but I want to love them more! Anyways I want to know what you learned! And what you are going to do to apply what you learned in your life to become more like Christ! I would like it if everyone could write me a short email of what they learned and how they are going to apply it in there life! General Conference is so awesome and we can learn so much but we can only benefit from it if we apply the teaching that we learn! Love you mom! Tell everyone that I love them!

Elder Guild

There are two volcanos that you can see from my house and this is one of them! It is always cloudy and you cannot see them though:( it has only been clear enough to see them two times since i have been here!

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