Monday, March 31, 2014

New Companion!

Hey Mom!
How are you doing? I hope you are doing great! Haha you do not know how funny your little comment about your jig in the kitchen is for me! I laughed pretty good when I read that! Thanks!  How is it having Tori back in the house? You should put her to work and take away a little of your stress! ;) I hope you guys have a great spring break and enjoy yourselves! Sounds like Ammon is doing pretty good with soccer! I bet it is hard when they loose because it would be easy to feel like it is his fault.  
Well I have a new companion! His Name is Elder Cabezas! Haha it is kinda funny because that means Elder Heads in english! He is super cool! He is nice and fresh! Only has three months in the mission! And well his trainer went home because he was a little disobedient! So I have the chance to kinda show him how to be obedient and everything! I am really looking forward to this change working with him. He is super super humble and just a great guy! A little new and not super friendly with the people but he will for sure learn! :) Haha especially now because I don't always understand everything so he has to speak a little more than I think he is use to. 
The work is going great! We have a lot of people to teach the only problem is that everyone needs to be married! If we could just have everyone married we would have 8 baptisms! But for now we are waiting for them to be ready and papers and everything but I think that we will for sure get them all in the water here sooner or later. 
Well I got a surprise package today! That was awesome! I just cant wait to open it up and see what is inside! Thank you a ton! Made my day! :) One thing that I think I might want to do for my companion is buy him some new shoes! He only has one pair and they are like slippers! I wont be surprised if they don't last him longer than a good two changes...
Well I will make sure to keep Jake in my prayers! I feel bad for them but what do you do?
Hmmm I have been studying about faith a little bit this week and have realized just how important our decisions are! Each and every decision that we make will benefit us for good or for bad! And often times decisions that could help us are great but often times we could choose do something even better! And from everyone of our decisions we will grow in one way or the other! So my commitment for you and the family this week is try to always make the best decision to every decision that you have to make! By doing this your faith will grow and you will be able to have a firm foundation that is built on Christ! :) Tell EVERYBODY that I love them and that I am doing great!
Love you mom! Un Brazo muy fuerte!
Elder Guild
This is the view from our apartment! Its pretty awesome!

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