Monday, December 30, 2013

A Memorable Christmas

Hey mom! Sounds like you are doing well! Let me know how Jacob's birthday goes! What did he think of my letter?  I cant believe he is already 10! I feel like it was not that long ago when you were pregnant with him! It was way nice to talk to you guys! I called you back after to talk without everyone but know one answered! So I called Tori's and Jake answered and I talked to him for like 20 minutes.  Anyways I wasn't able to get my package yet.  I guess we have our mail come on the 8th and I know I have at least one package in there so maybe I will get it then. Yeah it is tough and frustrating at times! Sometimes I don't think I will ever learn the language but everyday I get a little better and before I know it I am sure I will be able to talk like a pro! 
So my Christmas was pretty good! We have a rule that we have to be in our house after 5 because it is a little dangerous! So we studied in the morning until 12 then went to lunch! Had lunch then we went and taught a lesson to a inactive family.  After that we went to get our clothes from one of our momittas.  On our way there we passed one of our mommittas and she asked us what we were doing for our Christmas and we told her that we had to be in our house and she started to cry!! haha she just loves us and felt bad for us! When we got back to our house Elder Bautista did what he loves the most and went to sleep so i just studied.  Got in some comfy clothes and my plan was to just study until bed time, but then we got a phone call at about 8 and this lady on her death bed needed a blessing. A member came and picked us up and we went to go give her a blessing.  When we got there she was in super bad shape! She did not really seem like she was going to make it through the night! All of the family was gathered around and when we walked in I could feel the sadness that they had and the hope they had in us! 

Well we went and gave her a blessing and and on the way back I was thinking to myself about the life after this life and all of that stuff and really death is just another part of Gods plan for us and it should almost be a happy time! We get to move on and become one step closer to living with our Heavenly Father. I was also thinking about how really, we are the exact same people after death. We will still have the same thoughts wants and desires! I like to compare it to how I felt during wrestling and how I always thought that if I could just be a state champ that some how I would be a different person and I would feel different and be different but when I won I didn't feel any different! But yet I was still a different person than the person I was when I started wrestling.  really I changed during the process. through all my matches and practices wins and loses is what made me the wrestler I was. And really it is the same with life! We have this time on earth to prepare ourselves to live with God and we cant expect to all the sudden be different or feel different after death or later.  We have to act now and be prepared now because we will be the same person with the same thoughts wants and desires!! So that was my Christmas! One that i will never forget. And btw the lady died the next day. Really I think she was in a lot of pain and I think it was for the best.  I know she is not experiencing that anymore.  
Well I have a new companion!! His name is Elder Aliaga! He is from Peru! He is 18 and he knows NO english! He is super cool and humble and I am excited to work with him! I think this is a good chance for me to really grow and I am excited! Elder Bautista is now the new zone leader and he was excited for that! I will let you know more about my new companion next week when I know more about him! He thinks it is crazy that I have ate buffalo and I eat the meat that I hunt! haha 
One other thing I wanted to write this week is that I love you mom!!! You are so awesome and I want you to know that I miss you too! I miss being able to call you and talking sometimes when I am bored and have nothing else to do! Im not sure what I would have done without you in my life! I honestly don't think that I would be here if it were not for you! Keep being awesome! You are like the coolest lady I know! And that is the truth! I love you mom! Cant wait to talk to you on mothers day! (We will have to talk without everyone else on that day)
Love Elder Guild

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