Monday, December 23, 2013

I am so blessed

I'm not sure how great this photo is but it was on the bus to quito.  and it is like this the whole 7 hour but ride! so at least we have a great view!

Thanks for the call mom! Next time I hope the video works.  Well I miss you guys but like I said in Dads email do not feel bad! I will be home before you know it! Be happy because really we only have reason to be happy! Really I just feel so blessed and my whole body just feels like overwhelmed with joy because I have been blessed with such a great family! I have the gospel in my life and I know Heavenly Father loves me! What more could I ask for! The funny thing is that even though I have been given so much even more than I deserve the Lord continues to bless me and I know that the mission is a blessing and that I am in the debt on my Heavenly Father and continue to grow more and more in the debt of him.  Remember that the only way to receive the mercy of the Lord is to  repent and use his atonement! Helamen 5:11 and D&C 18:10-13 love you guys! If you're not happy just stop and take a second to think about what is on your mind and it will probably be thinking about something of yourself.  If you are always thinking of others your lives will be happier! Love you! 

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