Monday, December 16, 2013

Obedience and Elder Black

Hey mom!! 
I am doing really good! :) I love life here and everything is going well! This week was good! I always think we need to do better and Elder Bautista seems content with our numbers and everything but we are getting a long.  
So experiences for this week... well first of all I have to tell you of one of the days we had.  First of all I woke up and went through my daily routine and got to studying and everything and lets just say that things didn't go super awesome in companionship study! haha Nothing bad just didn't get the daily nourishment that we needed for that day.  Anyways we went out to work that day and everything seemed to go wrong! None of the people we went to visit were home and we didn't find anyone to teach and by the end of the day we found ourselves back at our house with nothing done.  I was a little frustrated but it just builds my testimony of how the Lord blesses us when are obedient! And when we are not obedient then we don't receive blessings that we would otherwise get! We didn't really have a study in the morning and among other things that didn't go well in the morning and then we had a bad day!
Also I want to tell you about Elder Black! haha He is our zone leader and he is from Utah, really big into video games and a little nerdy I guess you could say, but he is smart and a really good missionary.  Anyways I went on splits with his companion and I found out a lot more about him! It almost makes me feel a little awkward around him! Not really, but his companion told me how Elder Black talks about me all the time and how he is like trying to work out all the time so that he can get muscles like mine and just stuff like that.  haha It just makes me laugh.  
I am glad to here that Ammon is still doing well in the wrestling.  What weight is he at? I will have to see if I can get those videos to work.  Sounds like you guys will have a good Christmas break! I will most likely be calling on skype on the 24th!! So be ready for it! It is my next p-day but it is a Tuesday and I cant remember my user name so could you look that up for me? Thanks! ( for skype) you are the only one who wrote me so yell at the family for me! haha Thanks! Love you mom!
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