Monday, November 25, 2013

Baptisms - Super cool!

Nov 18, 2013

Hey Mom!
I am doing really good and it sounds like the family is doing pretty good, tambien(also)! This week was pretty sweet! We had a meeting of verification so Elder Bautista and I went to Quito this week for that! I got to see Elder Bolton and all my friends from the MTC so that was kinda fun!
This is the district I started out with at the MTC! We were glad to see each other again and we are all doing well!

We went to the panecillo which was super cool and got to see all of Quito!
High five! This is at panecillo! Super cool!   

and this is Quito!

We also had two baptisms this Saturday which was pretty awesome as well! It was scheduled for 4 on Saturday and so Elder Bautista got up super early so that we could catch a bus out of Quito early to make it to Esmeraldas on time and we got to the bus station and the only bus we could catch was the 10:45 bus! It was a bummer because we had to miss our first baptism and so we waited there forever and then caught our bus to Esmeraldas and at about 4:30 we got a call from the mission leader of the ward and he said they didn't have any baptism clothes for the kids! So we got to Esmeraldas at 5 and raced to the church and got there just as their clothes got there! So we got to baptize them and it was super cool! I struggled with Alan's name and the words in Spanish but on the second time I got it!
I was able to baptize Alan! I gave him a mint once and that was a mistake! Now he is always trying to go through my backpack for more! They are so awesome!

 We also had changes this week but Elder Bautista and I are still companions so that is cool. 
This was in Quito at one of Elder Bautistas previous mamitas house.  She made us pastel de imposible! It was super good and I have the recipe so when I get home I will make it for you guys!

 Hmm... I went on splits with the only German in all of South America so that was awesome! He speaks English super well though so it was not a big deal!
Tell Ammon and Shalee to work hard! and Jacob to wear his glasses! I am glad to hear about the family sounds like they are doing super well! For Christmas we are not doing anything special.  We are actually going and doing missionary work! It says in our handbook that holidays are a good time for finding people so we will probably just being doing the same thing we always do.

I was wondering if you have any ideas for some breakfasts that I could make myself that are somewhat healthy and not to hard to make and maybe something that I could pre-make and then just warm up in the microwave.  I usually just have eggs but I am getting tired of them! Anyways, keep me up dated! love you!

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