Monday, August 18, 2014

Uno and Earthquakes

Hey Mom!

Well I got this huge package today and it was a little embarrassing! I am just glad that not a lot of people saw!! haha no thank you very much! We are going to have fun with Uno!!! I will have to teach you guys how we play as missionaries when I get back! right now the work is a little tough! but we keep working hard and it will pick up! love you!

Elder Guild

btw have you heard about the earthquakes we have been having down here?

Hmm well there have only been two deaths but now they are just like normal! More exciting than scary! one time we were out in the street and all the windows on the building started to shake like crazy and then the gound started moving! kinda cool! :) but don't worry they have not been big at all just little ones!

haha and we could feel the ground moving! I think they said that one was a 4.9! but there was one on tuesday that was 5.3 i think that was pretty cool! we were helping a lady move and to say the least we were out side really fast!

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