Monday, August 4, 2014

Thank You Grandma!

This is the letter I sent to grandma this week!

So I received your package today! thank you! haha so I have to tell you a story that happened.  we went to the offices today and I got your package and then we got on the bus to go back to our sector and on the bus ride I opened your package and found the fruit snacks so I opened a bag and was sharing them with the other 3 missionaries that were with me.  well the bus was crowded so we were all standing up but after a while two people left leaving two seats open!! and no one went to sit down in them ! so I decided to take a seat and right as I sat down this cute Ecuadorian girl sat down next to me! The other missionaries started making faces at me so I decided to share my snacks with her!! Haha it was pretty cool!  She is catholic and she has a friend that is Mormon! She lives at home with her parents and a brother! She also said that I could send some missionaries to her house! So thank you grandma! Maybe we will have a baptism in three weeks!! :)  Thank you for everything grandma! you are awesome and I love you! 

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