Monday, January 19, 2015

New Investigator!

Hey mom.

Things are going great.  We finally had someone come to church.  It has been a while. But she is a great investigator and has sincere desires.  So I think she will keep on progressing.  That is one thing that I have been blessed with during my mission.  My health.  I have never really been sick... So that is awesome! I hope that everyone gets better soon.  

Tell Ammon and Shalee congrats on their grades.  How is Shalee doing with basketball?  You will have to tell Daniel and Maclain hi for me when you see them.  I still have a long time before I come home.  Just tell everyone that.  I am soooooo disappointed that I did not get that calendar! If you want to send another one, that would be awesome.  What else was in the package?  I think it would just be better to send me money from now on.  There are a lot of things here that I would not mind buying.  I have to buy a new backpack because mine is falling apart... And some more pants.  I will have to try and find some more quality type.  The ones that I bought are not well made.  Haha maybe that is why they were only like 10 bucks... :)  But other than that I think it will be good until the end of my mission.  

It keeps on creeping closer and closer to the end!! All the sisters from my group are going home in 4 weeks!! So that is pretty crazy! I am super happy to hear that you guys are reading the Book of Mormon every day!! We almost beg the people we teach to read the Book of Mormon because it is so important!  Especially for us as members! Keep on reading!  And get your YW medallion also! Better late than never.  Maybe I will get my duty to god after... I really should have done that.  Thanks for the great email.  Keep me updated on everything.

Elder Guild

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